CPM Airbag Modeling

In addition to the ALE method, which has been used for the simulation of out-of-position (OoP) load cases for a number of years, LSTC developed the corpuscular method (CPM) to simulate airbag deployment processes based on a particle approach. This method is distinguished by extremely simple handling and reduced computing times compared to the highly variable and widely applicable ALE method.


Based on this molecular particle approach, it is now possible to set up simulations for OoP load cases in an extremely simple manner with just a few changes to the input files that utilize the uniform pressure method. The experience gained with the application of the CPM has been excellent so far. The accuracy and efficiency of the method in particular are persuasive. It permits realistic calculations of many new load cases – to supplement the established ALE method.


The one day class presents the basics of the new corpuscular method and gives a brief introduction on the ALE method. Emphasis is placed on the steps from a uniform pressure input file to a simulation also considering the gas flow.



  • Introduction
    • Basic concepts
  • Fundamental technical terms used in Airbag Simulation
    • Uniform-Pressure-Method
    • Wang-Nefske-Relation and hybrid gas generators
    • Scope and limits of UP unfolding simulations
    • Jetting-Definition for UP-Airbag models
    • Analogous model for outlet openings
  • Modelling
    • Keywords used in the definition of UP und CPM Airbags
    • Definition of a Reference Geometry
    • Scope of material definition (Non-linearity, Porosity and Validation)
    • Discussion on Tank tests and Airbag validation
    • Note on process flow for Airbag model preparation
    • Post-processing of results
  • Particle method
    • Basic theoretical aspects
    • Applications of the method in LS-DYNA
    • Advantages and limits of the Particle method
  • Examples

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18.03.2016   1 Stuttgart
S. Stahlschmidt
475,- EUR on demand / on demand


Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Stahlschmidt
Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Stahlschmidt
Head of Competence Field Dummy Models

Areas of expertise: Occupant protection, Dummy models
Studies: Civil Engineering