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Dummy/Pedestrian Impactor Modeling

The aim of the seminar is to give participants an overview of how LS-DYNA crash test dummy models and pedestrian impactors can be implemented successfully in passive safety. The course is recommended for engineers interested in analyzing side, front or rear impacts or pedestrian safety. Other related problems, such as the behavior of seats under a dynamic loading of the dummies, are also discussed. To measure the loads affecting a pedestrian from a collision, a range of impactors has been developed which can be shot/projected at the front of the vehicle in various test configurations. Moreover, an overview of the available impactors is also given.

All instructors have years of experience working on the development of FAT side impact dummy models, which are used throughout the world, and recently also on the FAT rear impact dummy model BioRID 2. These models have been developed in collaboration with the German automotive industry.


  • Dummy models available for LS-DYNA
  • Differences between front impact dummy models from FTSS and LSTC
  • When should which model be used?
  • FAT side impact dummy models
  • FAT rear impact dummy model BioRID 2
  • Limits of modeling dummies
  • Positioning dummies in vehicles
  • Modeling seat belts, belt deflectors and belt pretensioners
  • Putting the seat belt on the dummy
  • Characterization of the impactor model: head, hip and leg impactors (construction and materials used)
  • Comparison of impactor models from different software manufacturers
  • How to avoid problems when modeling soft foams
Date 10.02.2022 - 10.02.2022 (1 day)
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Lecturers Sebastian Stahlschmidt
Location Stuttgart (GER)
Languages German
Standard (525 € + VAT)
Employee of University (262 € + VAT)
Student (50 € + VAT)
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