Infoday Dummy Models

This information day gives a summary and future outlook on occupant simulation using LS-DYNA dummy models from Humanetics Innovative Solutions and DYNAmore. Front, side and rear crash dummy models are discussed. Humanetics Innovative Solutions is the world’s largest manufacturer of crash test dummies and also develops finite-element models. The speakers from DYNAmore were involved in the development of the side impact dummy models and also the rear impact dummy model BioRID 2 from the Association for Research in Automotive Technology (FAT).



  • Which dummy models are available for LS-DYNA?
  • Presentation of the models
    • Child models
    • Adult models for front and rear impact WSID 50% model for side impact
    • FAT models for side impact
  • Free dummy models
  • Where are the limits in dummy modeling?
  • If desired, the FMVSS214 head model will also be discussed
  • Future dummies


As well as giving an overview of existing models, a review of the latest developments in legislation and consumer protection organizations will also be presented. The focus will be on demands regarding the future development of models for simulations.

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1 day
U. Franz
Stuttgart (GER)


U. Franz
U. Franz



Spezialgebiete: Insassenschutz, Dummymodelle
Studium: Maschinenbau und Mathematik

S . Stahlschmidt
S . Stahlschmidt

Leiter Kompetenzfeld Dummymodelle


Spezialgebiete: Innsassenschutz, Dummymodelle

Studium: Bauingenieurwesen

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