Infoday Human Models

The aim of the information day is to give an overview of the possibilities to simulate a human body using LS-DYNA. Herein, the “Total Human Model for Safety” (THUMS) and its validation basis will be presented and explained with the aid of various applications.


The human model THUMS was developed by Toyota Central R&D Labs. Inc, Toyota System Research Inc., and Toyota Motor Company in collaboration with universities and is commercially available via DYNAmore. The major objective of THUMS is the simulation of driver and pedestrian injuries. However, due to the accurately detailed geometric resolution of various organs, it can also be used in other applications, such as man-machine interaction.


In addition, brief discussions about other, more-detailed models currently used in science are also planned. These will be especially concerned with the active control of the human model via internal muscle forces, which can be applied not only one-dimensionally in the modified Hill muscle but also three-dimensionally in the modeled muscle itself.

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