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 The two-day seminar is suitable for engineers who are interested in using LS-DYNA in connection with the Preprocessor ANSA and the postprocessor METApost. ANSA offers an extensive interface to LS-DYNA. It also provides excellent meshing capabilities. Speakers from LASSO and DYNAmore will give participants an insight  into the entire process chain ANSA – LS-DYNA – METApost.


1st day: ANSA preprocessing

  • Which problems can be solved with LS-DYNA?
  • How is a LS-DYNA deck made with ANSA?
  • Which element types are available in LS-DYNA, how are they defined in ANSA?
  • How are the different contact options adjusted in ANSA, what do these options mean?
  • How can a material model be specified?


2nd day: METAPOST postprocessing

  • Introduction to the LS-DYNA interface of METApost
  • Result evaluation 3D and xy plots with METApost
  • Interpretation of results
  • Important plausibility checks
  • Model preparation and result evaluation with practical crash-examples

Information: The seminars ANSA and METAPOST can be booked independently in cooperation with Lasso GmbH.

Dates: on request

Fees: on request

Duration: 2 days

Location: Stuttgart/ Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Dates Duration/days Calendar Registration Referee Language Location Fee
26.04.2022, 09:00 - 17:00 2 days Add to calendar German Stuttgart (GER) 1050 €