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Battery Simulation in STAR-CCM+

Current trends, for example in the automotive industry, generate strong growth in demand for electric motors. Lithium-ion batteries are primarily used for energy storage. This seminar will show how such batteries can be virtually designed, tested and coupled into multiphysics simulations.

Battery Design Studio is a tool that describes lithium-ion batteries digitally according to manufacturer specifications or own specifications of material parameters. The cell chemistry is taken into account via physical models or via equivalent circuit models. A cell defined in this way can be run through a large number of tests that simulate, for example, the charge/discharge behavior, thermal behavior or cell aging. Thus, the suitability of the cell for the application desired by the user can be tested. Once battery cells have been created in Battery Design Studio, they are imported into the STARCCM+ multiphysics software. There they can be arranged into a module and integrated into a power circuit. Cooling fins or cooling channels are modeled to simulate the real cooling process. Thus, spatially resolved thermal quantities and flow quantities in battery and cooling fluid can be determined. This seminar introduces the workflow for thermal battery simulation. First, a battery cell is modeled in Battery Design Studio and subjected to cell-specific tests. The cell is then imported into STARCCM+, assembled into a battery module and discharged. The heat released under the prescribed load is then dissipated through a cooling channel.


- Introduction to Lithium-Ion Batteries
- Modeling cell chemistry in Battery Design Studio
- Battery cell testing in Battery Design Studio
- Creating battery modules in STAR-CCM+
- Thermal simulation of the battery module in STAR-CCM+

Please note that the seminar fees for students are 50% of the regular price.

Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
1 day Daniel Grimmeisen German, English Stuttgart (GER) 525 €


Daniel Grimmeisen

Daniel Grimmeisen


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Aerospace engineering