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Information day: CFD with STAR-CCM+

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) enables the analysis of fluid dynamics at an early stage of product development in order to understand flow behavior and to optimize it by targeted design. CFD has become indispensable in many areas of product
development, and the steadily growing availability of large computing capacities allows very complex problems from industrial reality to be solved within a justifiable amount of time and resources.


STAR-CCM+ is one of the leading tools for CFD and far beyond. Extensive possibilities for modeling phenomena such as complex interacting and / or reacting multiphase flows, electromagnetism, radiation or battery applications open up application perspectives in almost any industrial environment. This information day provides an overview of CFD with STAR-CCM+. Not only will the opportunities for application be discussed, but also the necessary prerequisites and resources. There will be enough time for the participants to discuss their individual questions.


The information day is aimed at all those who have no experience with CFD and / or STAR-CCM+ in industrial applications. No previous knowledge is required.



- Flow simulation: Short overview of the available methods
- Live-Demo: Sample application in STAR-CCM+
- CFD in industry - areas of application, opportunities and limitations
- Why STAR-CCM+?
- Hands-On-Demo and time for questions

Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
1/2 day
Daniel Grimmeisen
Stuttgart (GER)


Daniel Grimmeisen
Daniel Grimmeisen

Area of expertise: Multiphysics
Academic studies: Aerospace engineering

Marc Schneider
Marc Schneider

Area of expertise: Aerodynamics, multiphase flow
Academic studies: Mechanical engineering