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Multiphase Flow in STAR-CCM+

STAR-CCM+ provides a large variety of models for the simulation of multiphase flows. This two-day course provides an introduction to multiphase modeling capabilities within STAR-CCM+. It covers Eulerian descriptions (including the widely used “Volume of Fluid” method), Lagrangian descriptions for moving particles, the Discrete Element Model (DEM) for particles with contact forces (e.g. for modeling granular media), fluid film modeling and several interactions between the models.

Basic knowledge in CFD and some experience with fluid simulation in STAR-CCM+ are required. This course is meant for everyone who wants to get to grips with the simulation of complex multiphase flows in STAR-CCM+.

The course is designed to provide a lot of hands-on experience. Theory is presented in lectures, but most of the time, participants work by themselves on training examples while being guided and supported by the trainer. All hands-on examples are well documented and explained step-by-step, and the full documentation is made available to the participants.


- Overview over different concepts of multiphase modeling
- Eulerian multiphase models
- Volume of Fluid (VOF)
- Multiphase segregated flow (“Full Euler”)
- Lagrangian multiphase models
- Lagrangian Particles
- Discrete Element Method (DEM)
- Fluid Film
- Several interactions between the models listed above, including
- Droplet impingement
- Film stripping
- Resolved fluid film
- Several types of coupling forces between particles and background flow

Please note that the seminar fees for students are 50% of the regular price.

Dates Duration/days Registration Referee Language Location Fee
2 days German, English Stuttgart (GER) 1050 €


Marc Schneider

Marc Schneider


Area of expertise:
Aerodynamics, multiphase flow

Academic studies:
Mechanical engineering