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LS-DYNA enables you to design and optimize automobile components or entire vehicles according to various crash scenarios and other requirements. Since more than 20 years car manufacturers and suppliers all over the world trust in LS-DYNA for their vehicle development process.

In future, the BMW Group will carry out crash and occupant simulations with LS-DYNA and use the software in the development of passive safety systems. more

From fall on we plan to organize on-site seminars again. Depending on the situation, we may have to hold the respective seminar as a webinar at short notice.

Our webinars and video seminars keep you up to date on all developments concerning LS-DYNA. Flyer

Our Swedish colleagues from DYNAmore Nordic are also currently offering numerous interesting webinars on various topics. More ...

Request a 30 day evaluation license of LS-DYNA. The version has unlimited model size and comes with full support. It includes LS-PrePost and LS-OPT! ...more

The DYNAmore Material Competence Center (MCC) offers the entire engineering service from a single source, starting with the execution of experiments up to the delivery of a material card calibrated for the specific customer application. ...more

Discrete Element Method
Stuttgart (GER), 14.09.2020
LS-OPT - Optimization & Robustness
Stuttgart (GER), 14.09.2020
Introduction to LS-PrePost
Traboch (AUT) , 14.09.2020
Modeling Metallic Materials
Versailles (FRA) , 15.09.2020
Stuttgart (GER), 15.09.2020
Information days / webinars
Support days LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 18.09.2020
Infoday Drop Tests
Stuttgart (GER), 21.09.2020
Infoday Forming Trends
Stuttgart (GER), 25.09.2020
Support days LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 02.10.2020
Information day: Mulitphysics
Stuttgart (GER), 16.10.2020