20 Year anniversary of DYNAmore!

Celebrate 20 years of DYNAmore with us and take a short journey through the company's history.


How it all began

In 1987 Dr. John O. Hallquist founded LSTC in Livermore, California. At the same time the founders of DYNamore started as freelancer to sell and co-develop LS-DYNA in Germany.


Research Activities

In 1993 Karl Schweizerhof is promoted as Head of Institue of Mechanics of the University of Karlsruhe (KIT)


First Training Classes

In 1994 the first announcements for training classes were promoted. By accident the pictures were mixed up. Who noticed it?




Let's go!

The first employees start work at the beginning of 2002. Stress and hectic do not deter the team and the mood is excellent.

Young and dynamic

The first orders are landed in the new offices in a relaxed and casual manner.

On the World Wide Web

Form follows function. The first websites were rather simple in terms of design, but clear and functional. More is not really necessary.

In a great mood!

If that's not a reason to celebrate! In April, the move into the offices is officially celebrated. Already at this party you can see that DYNAmore also has the best qualities when it comes to celebrating.


The LS-DYNA courses have always been well attended and very popular since 2002. This has not changed until today, but there are a few more courses now.

Your order please

Conviviality and collegiality have been emphasized at DYNAmore from the very beginning. On the first company excursion to beautiful Tübingen, even the boss himself takes the beer order. Cheers!

On a small scale

Berlin, Munich or Bad Mergentheim? At the first LS-DYNA Forum, the Swabian province moves into the center of the LS-DYNA community. However, the quality of the lectures is of first class even in small towns.

Now it is official

In December, things become official. After the notary's visit, which seals the founding of the company, you can enjoy a glass of champagne.


Distribution rights I

Together with Daimler, Porsche, Lasso and Peng, DYNAmore receives the distribution rights for the FGS models.

Organizational skills I

DYNAmore also proves quality on the international stage. However, as the organizer of the 4th LS-DYNA Conference in Ulm, the support of Arup (UK), CRIL Technology (France), Engineering Research AB (Nordic States) and STRELA (Russia) is very welcome.

Distribution rights II

The contract for the distribution of the THUMS human model with TOYOTA is one of the many highlights in the young history of the company.

Organizational skills II

DYNAmore demonstrates talent not only in organizing the conference. The organization of the annual company outing is also excellent. But here, too, there is sometimes a washout.


Versatile calculations

LS-DYNA offers engineers almost infinite possibilities. The first brochure in Europe addresses this target group and aims to convince them.

First class trainings

Paying attention is the motto of the first LS-DYNA trainings. To this day, our trainings are very popular with everyone who has to do with LS-DYNA.

Continuous growth

New year - new employees. We are happy about everyone who walks the journey together with us.

International partnerships

The DYNAmore network is growing: With the signing of the distribution agreement with Arup for primers and barrier models, the company now also has excellent contacts in the United Kingdom. We are delighted!

Top-class presentations

Whether in the Swabian province or in deepest Franconia. The presentations and guests at the LS-DYNA Forum in Bamberg are impressive. This will not change in the future.


More Support

With www.dynasupport.com (and later also with dynalook.com) a new, international LS-DYNA support site has been available for the first time since June 1, 2005. The site offers a comprehensive and competent information system around LS-DYNA.

More developments

On behalf of the Forschungsvereinigung Automobiltechnik e.V. (FAT), DYNAmore developed a new LS-DYNA dummy model called BIORID-II. This model is intended to make it possible to estimate and simulate the stress on vehicle occupants before a whiplash injury.

More presentations

The Forum continues to grow. This year there are already over 250 participants, 80 technical presentations and, as always, keynotes from top-class speakers.


Even more presentations

The event grows from year to year. This is due on the one hand to the top-class technical presentations and on the other hand to the keynotes, which are as always first class.



DYNAmore supports FHTE in the construction of a racing car for the Formula Student competition.


Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc, (VR&D), LSTC and DYNAmore decide to cooperate in 2007.


This time Frankenthal near Mannheim is the venue of the 6th LS-DYNA Forum. As usual, there were again top-class presentations in now 21 topics as well as top-class keynotes.


New subsidiary

On April 14, DYNAmore opens its branch office in Ingolstadt. In addition to providing direct support to Audi AG in the area of optimization in crash and occupant simulation, the main focus there is on the topics of data organization and integration of the workflows of crash simulation projects into the development process.ss.

New experiences

At the DYNAmore company excursion, you also have to leave your comfort zone sometimes and face new challenges. The rule is: always make a good impression.

Established location

The forum is establishing itself among LS-DYNA users as the authoritative conference in this field. This year, the number of participants is also increasing and the list of renowned keynote speakers is once again impressive.

New edition

In 2008, this classic book entitled "Integral Safety of Motor Vehicles", for which Uli Franz was involved as an author, is already appearing in its third edition. The book is still available today. If you are interested, just ask.


Up in the mountains

After a couple of years DYNAmore hosts again a European LS-DYNA Conference in Salzburg, Austria. More than 330 participants from 25 countries could choose between more than 140 technical presentations.

Up high

The company outing is a nice tradition at DYNAmore. Once a year, usually in September, the company invites all employees on an outing - fun and entertainment included.

Open for new things

DYNAmore expands further. In December, DYNAmore opens the location in the Saxon metropolis of Dresden. Over the years, this will develop into the sister company SCALE, which covers the area of simulation data management in the group of companies.


A welcome guest

In addition to its own conferences, DYNAmore is of course also a guest and participant at a variety of interesting events. The Technology Day of 4a Enginnering enjoys great popularity in this context, as you can also cut a good figure on skis away from the conference in Schladming, Austria.

Guests welcome

The keynotes at the 9th edition of the LS-DYNA Forum this time came from Prof. M. Kaliske (TU Dresden), Dr. Steffen Frik (Adam Opel GmbH), Herbert Klamser (Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG), Klaus Wiegand (Daimler AG), Christophe Lemaitre (Faurecia), Tayeb Zeguer (Jaguar Cars), Paul Du Bois (Consultant) and Dr. John Hallquist (LSTC) .


Research Culture

DYNAmore's participation in research projects is part of the corporate culture. Thus, DYNAmore is not only involved in ARENA 2036, but also in numerous other research projects funded by the federal and state governments.

Welcoming culture

On July 1, 2011 DYNAmore welcomes the colleagues from Engineering Research Nordic AB, the LS-DYNA distributor for the Nordic countries and the Baltic States. Everything remains as it is. The only thing the employees have to get used to is the new name "DYNAmore Nordic".


Grüezi as they say in Switzerland

In 2012, DYNAmore Swiss GmbH will be founded as a spin-off company of ETH Zurich. One goal of the company will be to offer the most suitable models and software solutions.


There was a lot of activity at the Ipanema beach when DYNAmore became a distributor for Brazil. Whether it was due to DYNAmore is still unclear.


Giro d'Italia

Another milestone in the company's history is the foundation of DYNAmore Italy in 2013. The close cooperation with Fiat makes the opening of the company in Turin possible.

Trekking DYNAmore

Dass es fast keine Gipfel gibt, die DYNAmore nicht erklimmen kann, beweisen auch die reglemäßig stattfindenden Wanderausflüge in die nahegelegenen Alpen. 2013 standen das "Hohe Licht" und der "Säuling" auf dem Tourenkalender.

Running LS-DYNA

LS-DYNA runs - DYNAmore too. In addition to the regular company sports, the Stuttgart company run is a permanent fixture in the calendar. After the sport there is of course always a social part on the training schedule.


Eat together

Thursday is kebab day at DYNAmore. The team meets to eat kebab together and enjoy it. Afiyet olsun!

Research together

With its participation in the ARENA 2036 research project at the University of Stuttgart, the first "Research Campus: Public-Private Partnership for Innovation" funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), DYNAmore underlines how important research projects are for the company.

Hiking together

In 2014, the mountain enthusiasts from DYNAmore were once again drawn high up into the mountains. The destination of this year's tour was the summit of the Hochvogel in the Allgäu Alps.

Discover together

When DYNAmore invites you to an excursion, partners and children are always welcome. The offer is gladly accepted - because the culinary well-being is always well taken care of.

Experience together

In 2014, Nuremberg was the destination of the company excursion. After a kakaktour, where some stood out as a pace setter, it went to the tour of the historic old town. In the evening, DYNAmore then let the day come to a leisurely close.


First to France

With DYNAmore France, DYNAmore is now also available for the French automotive manufacturers and suppliers. The company headquarters in Versailles is very conveniently located and all OEMs in the Paris area are easily accessible.

Stop by the conference for a moment

The tenth anniversary of the European LS-DYNA Conference will take place in Würzburg. As always, top-class technical presentations and keynotes by renowned speakers are part of the program of the most important LS-DYNA conference in Europe.

Then to the summit

At low temperatures and moderate weather starts the tour to the Widderstein in Kleinwalsertal. Despite snow and ice, the tour is a beautiful experience that already makes you want to go next time.


Forum again in Bamberg

Meanwhile, the German LS-DYNA Forum has become an institution for LS-DYNA users. No wonder that the event also enjoys great popularity among the keynote speakers.


New country

In 2017, DYNAmore ventures across the Atlantic and founds DYNAmore Corporation in Dublin, Ohio.

New summits

The mountain tour must not be missing in any year. This year, the colleagues have chosen the Tannheimer Valley in Tyrol. In not quite optimal weather conditions, the summit was stormed and day enjoyed by all very much.

New areas

CASCATE is another member of the DYNAmore family. The company is focused on flow simulations and distributes the software Simcenter STAR-CCM+ in Germany.


Just do it - again!

Bamberg is already a tradition as the venue for the German LS-DYNA Forum. It is also a tradition that the Forum is an excellent event where the latest state of the art is presented.


The equipe tricolore goes to new premises

DYNAmore France has moved to a new location in the heart of Versailles. The new premises offer the best conditions for further growth as well as the expansion and improvement of the service offering.

CAx goes AIAx

Machine Learning-driven Engineering - CAx goes AIAx. Together with renowned partners, DYNAmore is involved in this research project, which further develops existing ML methods in terms of traceability and robustness.

voestalpine goes DYNAmore

With the material database for steels, which we have created in cooperation with voestalpine, a new free service is available to LS-DYNA users.

LSTC goes Ansys

Ansys' purchase of LSTC was the news of the year - at least in our event horizon.

AH goes Prof.

Honor to whom honor is due. With the appointment as professor, the University of Stuttgart honors the many years of commitment of our colleague Dr. André Haufe. He doesn't like to hear it, but we are already very proud of him.

MCC goes LE

The DYNAmore Material Competence Center sets the course for the future by moving into the new premises. The location in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart offers the best conditions to meet the growing demand for high-quality material data, if necessary even into the failure and fracture range.


Many courses online

Since face-to-face seminars cannot take place, DYNAmore adapts the training offer accordingly and offers several webinar formats. The webinars are very well received and will continue to be offered in the future.

But no conference on-site

Unfortunately, the Corona Panademie makes it impossible to host the German Forum. For the first time since the foundation of the company there is no LS-DYNA conference.


New office

DYNAmore GmbH has opened a new office in the Bavarian capital Munich. The main activities of the team at the new location are the cooperation with automotive manufacturers, the customers in the Munich area as well as with the Technical University.

New format

In 2021, after a year's break, a conference will finally take place again. This year for the first time as a hybrid event onsite and online. The presentations can be followed in Ulm or on the Internet. A novelty that is very well received and also enables users around the globe to participate in the conference.


Who would have thought?

Quiz: Where will the LS-DYNA Forum 2022 take place? Exactly - Bamberg. You could have guessed that. From October 11-13, it's all about LS-DYNA on site and online again.