Press Releases

Jun 17, 2019
12th European LS-DYNA Conference 2019:  a great success.
200 presentations in 8 parallel sessions, 8 workshops and about 500 participants – impressive figures showing that the European LS-DYNA Conference was again a great success. The Rhein-Mosel-Halle in Koblenz located directly at the river Rhine provided the perfect setting for the conference. ...more

Feb 01, 2019
DYNAmore France moves into new offices in Versailles
DYNAmore France has moved to a new location in the heart of Versailles. The new premises offer the best conditions for further growth and the expansion and improvement of the range of services. ...more

Jan 07, 2019
12th European LS-DYNA Conference - Call for Papers
From 14 to 16 May 2019, DYNAmore GmbH in cooperation with the European distributors invites all users from industry and academia to the 12th European LS-DYNA Conference in Koblenz, Germany. As always, the event will focus on the exchange of knowledge and experience about LS-DYNA and related products. ...more

Oct 25, 2018
LS-DYNA Forum 2018 - An excellent conference all round
With more than 350 participants, 113 presentations, 9 workshops and 30 exhibitors, the LS-DYNA Forum 2018 was again an all-round successful event. ...more

Aug 06, 2018
LS-DYNA Forum 2018, Oct. ´18
The LS-DYNA Forum takes place every two years in autumn. This year DYNAmore invites all LS-DYNA users to the Welcome Kongress Hotel in Bamberg from October 15-17. ...more

Apr 18, 2017
Conference Agenda Online
The program for the 11th European LS-DYNA Conference, which will be held in Salzburg from 9 to 11 May 2017, is now available online. ...more

Feb 06, 2017
Europ. LS-DYNA, May ´17
From 9th to 11th May 2017, DYNAmore - the company for FEM Engineering Services - invites all users from industry and research to the 11th European LS-DYNA Conference in Salzburg. ...more

Apr 18, 2016
LS-DYNA Forum, April ´16
For LS-DYNA users in the German-speaking area, the LS-DYNA Forum has evolved into one of the key events on simulation over the past 14 years. This year, the 14th German LS-DYNA Forum will take place from10-12 October in Bamberg, Germany. ...more

Feb 02, 2015
EU LS-DYNA Conference, June ´15
DYNAmore is calling for papers for the 10th European LS-DYNA Conference, which will be held 15 - 17 June 2015 in Würzburg, Germany. The conference brings together simulation engineers from all over the world and is held in rotation with the International LS-DYNA Conference in Detroit, USA. ...more

Oct 24, 2014
DYNAmore founds SCALE
DYNAmore GmbH has founded a new wholly-owned subsidiary known as SCALE GmbH. The aim behind this move is to offer software solutions and IT services for process and data management and for FE methods development in the automotive industry. ...more

Apr 10, 2014
LS-DYNA Info Berlin, June ´14
DYNAmore GmbH is inviting all interested parties to come to Berlin, Germany on 3 June for a free informational event on "LS-DYNA – The Numerical Simulation Program for Numerous Appli-cations". ...more

Mar 24, 2014
Next Generation
DYNAmore GmbH is proud to offer attractive conditions for its company seminars to students and research assistants at universities and research institutes. Our educational program ranges from introductory courses in LS-DYNA to special courses led by instructors with many years of real world experience. ...more

Jan 30, 2014
FEMZIP at Faurecia
DYNAmore GmbH, announces, that the successful usage of the software tool FEMZIP for the compression of simulation data will be extended for the coming year. ...more

Jan 20, 2014
Research Project ARENA 2036
DYNAmore GmbH is involved in the ARENA 2036 project, the first „research campus: public-private cooperation for innovation” which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) at the University of Stuttgart. Themed ARENA 2036 (Active Research Environment for the Next Generation of Automobiles), several research institutes, big corporations and two SMEs (one of them is the DYNAmore GmbH) got together to push research towards novel production models for the future. ...more

May 14, 2013
Research/Development Projects
DYNAmore GmbH is a medium-sized company for FEM engineering services. Due to the company's affinity to develop fundamentally-orientated methods in simulation technology, DYNAmore is often a contact partner for publicly-sponsored projects. In most cases, these are methodical development projects for the automotive, aerospace and automation industries, which are carried out in collaboration with universities, research institutes and other companies. ...more

Apr 15, 2013
LS-DYNA version R7 available
DYNAmore GmbH announces the release of LS-DYNA R7, which contains many new features and improvements. The focus is drawn on three new solvers for compressible and incompressible fluids as well as for electromagnetism that can be coupled with existing solvers for structure and temperature. ...more

Oct 26, 2012
DYNAmore LS-DYNA Forum 2012
Over 350 participants from 24 countries visited this year’s LS-DYNA forum, which took place in Ulm in Southern Germany from 9th – 10th October. With 96 high-quality presentations, live demonstrations and rounds of talks, the forum presented a remarkable platform for exchanging information on the topics of LS-DYNA, LS-OPT and associated CAE process chains. ...more

Feb 10, 2012
Volvo extends LS-DYNA usage to 5,000 licenses
The Swedish subsidiary of DYNAmore GmbH - DYNAmore Nor-dic AB – has announced the expansion of the crash simulation software LS-DYNA at the Volvo Car Corporation to 5,000 licens-es. Based in the town of Linköping in Central Sweden, DYNA-more Nordic has opened a new branch in Göteborg in order to provide intensive support to Volvo and other customers located there. ...more

Feb 07, 2012
DYNAmore Swiss GmbH founded
DYNAmore GmbH founded DYNAmore Swiss GmbH in Zurich last year together with Bernd Hochholdinger. As a spin-off company of ETH Zurich, DYNAmore Swiss GmbH has now moved into its premises at TECHNOPARK® in Zurich. ...more