The general-purpose, implicit and explicit FEM software LS-DYNA is one of the most advanced simulation tools for nonlinear structural analysis!  …more

To assess a vehicle, tests are carried out under comparable conditions. For this purpose, accurately specified barrier and dummies are used as test devices. DYNAmore develops and distributes the FE models of these test devices.  …more

Oasys PRIMER is a model preparation tool written exclusively for LS-DYNA and has 100% comprehension of the LS-DYNA input file. This means that no data is ever accidentally lost or corrupted, no matter what operations are performed on it.  …more

The developers at ETA released DYNAFORM in response to user demand for a streamlined, sheet metal forming simulation tool. The DYNAFORM software package is an integrated preprocessor, solver and postprocessor.  …more

The software FEMZIP-L is specifically developed for the compression of simulation results of LS-DYNA. It was originally developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI). DYNAmore distributes FEMZIP-L in all German speaking countries.  …more

Please find below a brief description of a tool set that facilitates the work with LS-DYNA. The tools are written in Perl or Fortran and compiled for common operating systems. An evaluation and the usage in production are free of charge for our customers and others on request. The majority of tools are made available by courtesy of Daimler, Porsche and Opel.  …more

Multiple tools for optimization and stochastic analysis from stand alone software able to be linked to any simulation code up to complete software packages and postprocessors in non-linear finite element applications and design optimization capabilities.  …more

LS-PrePost is an advanced pre- and post-processor and model editor from LSTC, preparing input data and processing the results from LS-DYNA analyses.  …more

DIGIMAT is a state-of-the-art nonlinear multi-scale material & structure modeling platform, which helps engineers to design and optimize composite materials in a fast and cost effective way.  …more

SCALE’s lineup includes the standard products CadMe, LoCo, CAViT and Status.E for simulation data, process and requirements management, as well as IT services for individual software solutions on request. Our software products support the entire lifecycle of the typical CAE design workflow: CAD data › meshing › model assembly › solving › post processing › reporting and monitoring  …more

envyo® is a multi-purpose mapping tool dedicated to LS-DYNA®. It allows for the transfer and manipulation of simulation result data between differently discretized meshes and from different solvers to a LS-DYNA® specific input format.  …more

In cooperation with the Austrian steel producer voestalpine, DYNAmore has created a material database for over 60 different steel types.  …more