R&D in General

When you face new challenges you will always find a comprehensive partner for research and development in DYNAmore.

As a medium-sized company, DYNAmore has frequent contacts in funded projects due to its scientific orientation. We work in projects funded by EU,  by German government, by Austrian government, by German states and the ones which are locally funded. Projects are carried out jointly with universities, research institutions and other companies in the areas of automobile, aerospace and automation industry. In the area of software development, we work with the funding programs which support specific innovative software projects at DYNAmore.


We have participated in the following research projects:

  • administration/licensing of simulation for the homologation of vehicles (Project Partners: Audi, Opel, FIAT, BAST, ...).
  • Simulation of human interaction with robots (Project partners: Technical University of Munich, ABB, ...)
  • Active muscle systems for human models (Project partners: vif, Daimler, BMW, Bosch, ...)
  • Optimization, Robustness, Reliability (Projekt partners: BMW, TU Dresden)
  • Multi-disciplinary optimization (project partners: Porsche, DaimlerChrysler, Karmann, ...)
  • Topology Optimization for Crash (Partners: ASCS, HAW Hamburg, SFE, ...)
  • Software Development - Process Management for crash load cases (Bavarian State Ministry for Economics and Technology)
  • Innovative design of forming tools (Project partners: Daimler, ThyssenKrupp, Volkswagen, ...)
  • Materials Innovation through integration of nanotechnology (Project Partners: ...).


The subsequent project of the Digital Prototype DigitPro is called Digital Fingerprint (DFA) and aims for the “intelligent data collection, processing, and transfer along the entire value chain – for the intelligent component and the versatile autonomous factory of the future!  …more

VMAP - A new Interface Standard for Integrated Virtual Material Modelling in Manufacturing Industry  …more

Development of a generic approach for the determination of yield curve and yield locus parameters for sheet metal materials by means of digital image correlation.  …more

Machine Learning-driven Engineering - CAx goes AIAx. Together with renowned partners, DYNAmore is involved in this research project, which further develops the existing ML processes with regard to traceability and robustness.  …more

The "DigiBody" project consortium consists of inpro, Arena2036 partners and other leading German companies in the joining sector.  …more

As part of the "3DProCar" project, an efficient and cost-effective process chain for the production of complex thermoplastic fiber reinforced composites structures was developed and technologically implemented.  …more

The European industry is currently a world leader in aviation and to maintain its leading position and competitiveness in the dynamic global market, Europe’s industry must develop quickly and efficiently high-quality products.  …more

ARENA 2036 – the first „research campus: public-private cooperation for innovation” which is funded by the BMBF.  …more

Together with partners algorithms and software tools for process engineering and design, applied to the RTM method (resin transfer molding) will be developed.  …more

BMBF-funded research project: Energy efficient pultrusion process for the production of composite parts with a thermoset matrix in series applications.  …more

RFCS funded project in which DYNAmore works with partners to develop a simulation framework to accurately model the complex deformation and forming behaviour of TWIP steels.  …more

The new research program WING (Innovation of Material for Industry and Society) was published in 2004. Therein the classical material research with the basic discipline chemistry and the nanotechnology is integrated for the first time.  …more

ENhanced Formality Assessment of AHSS sheets – DYNAmore joined an international research consortium of key partners in a three-year EU project entitled ENFASS to improve the application of modern, advanced high-strength steel sheets in the automotive industry.  …more

The IMAUF stands for 'Innovative Methods for the Dimensioning of Forming Dies in Vehicle Construction'. The project IMAUF is dealing with the development of innovative forming tools based on newly developed virtual construction- and optimization principles combined with a newly applied surface coating technology.  …more

The aim of this project which is funded by the Free State of Saxony and the European Union is the research and development of methods for sensitivity analysis of nonlinear models.  …more

DYNAmore GmbH is a partner in this DFG funded subproject of SFB 528.  …more

For the transfer and adaptation of new strategies for design of structures, particularly in a very early design stage, DYNAmore GmbH is there for you as a practice partner.  …more

The aim of the BMBF-funded research project is the methodological and software implementation of an industrial operational procedure for topology optimization of the cross sections of extruded sections for crash load cases.  …more