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Oct 24, 2018
BETA CAE Systems - Systems release of software suite
d3View - A data to decision platform
JSOL - LS-DYNA & JSTAMP Forum 2018
Shanghai Fangkun - LS-DYNA China Forum

Sep 26, 2018
BETA CAE - North America Open Meeting
ESI Group
LS-DYNA Advanced CFD Analysis

Jul 26, 2018
Beta CAE Systems - New release
ESI Group - ESI Visual-Environment 14.0
JSOL - LS-DYNA & JSTAMP Forum 2018

Jun 27, 2018
Beta CAE Systems - Automatic generation of middle surface for Casted parts with ANSA
15th LS-DYNA International Conference - Airdrop Sequence Simulation using LS-DYNA ICFD Solver and FSI Coupling
OASYS - Reporter

May 29, 2018
BETA CAE Systems
15th LS-DYNA International Conference - Special Section
Agera R
ESI - App for smart Pedestrian Protection Simulation

Apr 26, 2018
d3View - A data to decision platform
ESI Group - Virtual Prototyping helps Gazelle Tech develop an innovative vehicle
FEA Not To Miss - Birds need to avoid those fan blades
JSOL - J-Composites - New tool series for process and process - chain simulations of composite materials
LSTC - Conference Sponsors and Exhibitors

Apr 03, 2018
Beta CAE
ESI Group

Feb 23, 2018
In Memoriam, Dr. Richard H. MacNeal
Tesla - Aerospace News
BETA CAE Systems
1st LS-DYNA Users’ Meeting for Building and Civil applications Wednesday 14th March 2018, Livermore, CA

Jan 25, 2018
BETA CAE Systems - Release v18.1.0
ESI Group - Cloud Based Virtual Engineering Solutions Free Trial
JSOL - J-Composites - New tool series for process and process chain simulations of composite material
Predictive Engineering - Baseball Bat Mechanics

Dec 21, 2017
BETA web interface
LSTC - Modeling Workshop
Predictive Engineering - Overviews

Dec 14, 2017
BETA CAE - Comprehensive Safety CAE For The All-New VOLVO S90/V90/V90CC
JSOL - JMAG Users Conference 2017 Dec. 6-7, 2017
ESI talk - The Virtual Prototyping Magazine

Nov 06, 2017
ESI Releases Virtual Seat Solution
New Feature Section: A customized job manager for metal Forming Simulations with LS-DYNA

Aug 28, 2017
LSTC - 15th International LS-DYNA Users Conference & Users Meeting
BETA - Release v18.0.0 of its software suite
ETA - Inventium 2017 R1 Released
ESI Group releases SYSTUS 2017 dedicated to the energy sector
Rescale Cloud - The next disruption in HPC

Jul 26, 2017
15th International LS-DYNA Users Conference & Users Meeting
ALE/Eulerian/FSI&SPH Classes confirmed
BETA CAE Systems releases the new ANSA/EPILYSIS/META suite v17.1.2.
ESI New Software Release of Visual-Environment 13.0 available
Cloud 3.0: Big Compute & the Digital Transformation
DEP Conclave 2017
Predictive Engineering FEA Quiz
MSC Materials Science Corporation

Jul 06, 2017
Improvement of Sandwich Structure Part Adaptivity in LS-DYNA
New Inflator Models in LS-DYNA
ETA DYNAFORM: Sales/Support
New Platinum Participant: Predictive Engineering
Rescale & OSC
15th International LS-DYNA Conference - Call for papers

May 25, 2017
Improvement of Mesh Fusion
Representative Volume Element (RVE) analysis
Progressive Composite Damage Modeling in LS-DYNA (MAT162 & Others)
Call for Papers 15th International LS-DYNA Conference & Users Meeting
Why do Woodpackers Resist Head Impact Injury?
BETA CAE Systems announce the release of the v17.1.1.
Workshops online - Sarba Guha

Apr 25, 2017
LSTC Recent Developments in LS-DYNA
T. Yasuki - Received The Arnold W. Siegel International Transportation Safety Award
ESI releases IC.IDO 11
Terrabyte CAE Solutions
Rescale - How Cloud HPC os Changing the CAE Project Timeline
Predictive Engineering

Mar 30, 2017
Yair Soffair, guest-speaker, BETA CAE Conference
Meet the Instructor Dr. Ala Tabiei
Improvements to One-Step Simulation in LS-DYNA
Rescale Blog
YouTube Choice by BeenuZz

Feb 28, 2017
Webinar - Visual Crash DYNA
BETA CAE Systems - v17.0.4
MAT161/162 Dynamic Composite Simulator module of LS-DYNA
LS-DYNA Smooth Particle Galerkin (SPG) Method
Computer History Museum
User Materials
Stuttgart (GER), 19.11.2018
Parameter Identification with LS-OPT
Stuttgart (GER), 21.11.2018
CPM Airbag Modeling
Stuttgart (GER), 23.11.2018
Simulation of short fiber reinforced composites
Stuttgart (GER), 26.11.2018
Stuttgart (GER), 27.11.2018
Information days / webinars
Infoday Process Automation/SDM
Stuttgart (GER), 19.11.2018
Infoday LS-DYNA/Implicit
Versailles (FRA) , 22.11.2018
New Features in LS-DYNA and LS-OPT
Zürich (SUI) , 29.11.2018
New Features in LS-DYNA and LS-OPT
Turin (ITA) , 30.11.2018
Infoday Biomechanics
Stuttgart (GER), 03.12.2018