In the field of finite elements, DYNAmore provides comprehensive services for the calculation as well as in software development. This includes calculations as per order, cooperation in research and development projects, general support and the extensions to our software packages LS-DYNA, LS-OPT and LS-PrePost.

In order to perform reliable, nonlinear dynamic calculation, you need experience in dealing with the software. We are here for you with all our support and advise. Together we can work out how you can use LS-DYNA for your specific needs.  …more

Since many years, employees of DYNAmore have been developing Finite Element models of dummies in cooperation with the German automobile industry.  …more

Our activities at DYNAmore go beyond the regular support of LS-DYNA. We are convinced that in order to support our customers in the best way possible we need to understand and solve ourselves the same problems our customers are dealing with.  …more

As a medium-sized company, DYNAmore has frequent contacts in funded projects due to its scientific orientation.  …more

DYNAmore has extensive expertise in implementing new technologies or features in LS-DYNA . We are happy to extend LS-DYNA for your application.  …more

DYNAmore is active in the development of LS-OPT for many years. Our responsibilities range from customer development, GUI programming to program design.  …more

Often one can reach reasonable estimates with simple dynamic tests and can fill the material cards. We use a double pendulum of the 4a company and deliver the finished material cards.  …more

From requirements analysis to design and specification – to realization and roll-out. As a reliable partner we can help you build your individual software solution. We specialize in CAE and CAT services in vehicle development. SCALE offers a different kind of IT services for process integration in vehicle development.  …more