To assess a vehicle, tests are carried out under comparable conditions. For this purpose, accurately specified barrier and dummies are used as test devices. DYNAmore develops and distributes the FE models of these test devices.

For side impact load cases models from DYNAmore (FAT, PDB) and from FTSS are available. Soon free models from LSTC will complete the product portfolio.  …more

Humanetics develops validated dummy models based on their physical anthropomorphic test devices (ATD), that are used in car crash testing all over the world.  …more

The BioRID 2 model is used for the investigation of seat performance under rear impact loads, with the focus on the prediction of whiplash injuries. It is developed by DYNAmore.  …more

For the consideration of the human body under impact loads, the THUMS model can be used. Human models of different sizes and positions are in preparation.  …more

The *Strasbourg University Finite Element Head Model* (SUFEHM) is actively developed at the Strasbourg University since 1997.  …more

Humanetics and DYNAmore develope validated child models based on their physical anthropomorphic test devices. These models are used in frontal and side impacts all over the world.  …more

Different developers support LS-DYNA models of the pedestrian impactors; FTSS (First Technology Safety Stystems), OASYS (Ove Arup SYStems) and a consortium of Daimler, Porsche, Lasso and Peng (DPLP).  …more

Headform models are available either from LSTC (Livermore Software Technology Corp.) or from Humanetics. These models are distributed by DYNAmore.  …more

Side and rear barrier models following specifications of ECE, FMVSS, IIHs, NCAP,... have been developed by Oasys and Cellbond.  …more

A range of LS-DYNA finite element models for frontal barriers have been developed by Oasys and Cellbond.  …more

This dummy model is developed for the evaluation of the crash-worthiness of new cars regarding moose crash accidents. A physical moose crash dummy has been developed by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI).  …more

Glass structures have to comply with several requirements relating to different loading scenarios and design variations. For that purpose, the deformable pendulum model was developed.  …more
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