Side and Rear Barrier

Side and rear barrier models following specifications of ECE, FMVSS, IIHs and NCAP have been developed by Oasys and Cellbond.

The DYNAmore GmbH is distributor of the listed barrier models in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The models are developed by Oasys (Ove Arup SYStems) and Cellbond Composites Ltd. The models have been developed to take advantage of the latest developments in the LS-DYNA code and are designed to provide a robust and efficient analysis model.

EEVC Advanced2000

This barrier is used in the EU front impact regulation and by several consumer test organizations such as Euro NCAP and the IIHS in their front offset impact test. It is the newer specification which has superseded the EEVC Multi 2000 Side Impact Barrier in some tests.

Hardware Model Advanced2000


FE-Model Advanced2000


Item# Number
Deformable Solids25200
Deformable Shells2400
Total deformable elements25200
Null Shells30840
Rigid Solids331
Rigid Shells1250


This barrier is used in the US federal regulation side and rear impact tests and also by NHTSA in their SINCAP side impact tests. For the side impact protection the barrier is set 50mm higher.

Relevant Tests (Regulation)

  • FMVSS 301 Fuel System Integrity – Rear Impact Test
  • FMVSS 214 Side Impact Protection

Relevant Tests (Consumer)

  • US-NCAP Side Impact Test

Hardware Model NHTSA




Item# Number
Deformable Solids28388
Deformable Shells5238
Total deformable elements33626
Null Shells29052
Rigid Solids331
Rigid Shells1250


This barrier is used by the IIHS in their side impact tests. This barrier is designed to represent a truck/SUV impact.

Relevant Tests (Consumer)

  • IIHS Side Impact Test

Hardware Model IIHs


FE-Model IIHs


Item# Number
Deformable Solids37232
Deformable Shells7156
Total deformable elements44388
Null Shells37861
Rigid Solids331
Rigid Shells2380


The barrier is being developed by EEVC WG13 and the Aprosys.It is a replacement for the existing EEVC Side Impact Barrier.

Relevant Tests

  • Side Impact Test

Hardware Model AE-MDB




Item# Number
Deformable Solids26412
Deformable Shells4852
Total deformable elements31264
Null Shells29188
Rigid Solids331
Rigid Shells1150