The IMAUF stands for 'Innovative Methods for the Dimensioning of Forming Dies in Vehicle Construction'. The project IMAUF is dealing with the development of innovative forming tools based on newly developed virtual construction- and optimization principles combined with a newly applied surface coating technology.

Sheet Metal Forming Simulation of Parts made of High Strength Steel

The project will focus on some of the most urging challenges in sheet metal forming simulation for high strength steels. These are the consideration of the elastic deformations of the tools and of the forming machinery. Especially the production of car derivatives that are expected to be sold in lower numbers put an enormous pressure in cost effectiveness of the tools and dies. Here the ideas are to use low cost steel for the tool, add adequate surface coating to enhance the durability and to decrease wear and find methods to compensate the geometrical deviations due to elastic deformations from the desired/designed CAD geometry. If - in a second step - lighter tools could be build the expected tool deformations will be even more significant – a effect that is presently not taken into account in sheet metal forming at all. Hence tools need to be modelled full 3D to be able to predict the elastic deformations, which in turn increases the model size enormously. Solving these challenges in a user friendly approach is the main goal of DYNAmore.