The French company CADLM and DYNAmore enter into a distribution partnership

DYNAmore GmbH now distributes the software package ODYSSEE of the French company CADLM SAS. With this sales partnership, the Stuttgart-based company is expanding its product portfolio to include a powerful CAE-centric innovation platform.

Paris, Stuttgart, 16th March 2021

The name ODYSSEE stands for Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise. It is a unique and powerful CAE-centric innovation platform that allows users to apply modern Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Reduced Order Modeling (ROM) and Design Optimization to workflows. ODYSSEE uses Machine Learning and Reduced Order Modeling techniques: It employs algebraic or machine learning solutions for reducing the volume of data while preserving the most important parts of the information contained within that data. This is commonly done via decomposition or machine learning or other efficient data fusion techniques. Such techniques allow for creating on-board and real-time applications based on existing experimental or simulation results. Typical applications are optimization, parametric sensitivity analysis and robustness in the nonlinear field, e.g. in crash analysis or occupant safety. 

"With CADLM we have a reliable business partner, whose innovative solution expands our product range in a meaningful way," explains Ulrich Franz, Managing Director of DYNAmore GmbH. "With ODYSSEE, we can offer our customers an attractive product that should be very interesting in the area of Reduced Order Modeling, for example."

CADLM, based in the greater Paris area, has been closely associated with DYNAmore for many years and has often been a guest at LS-DYNA conferences at German and European level. "We are very happy about the distribution partnership with DYNAmore," says Kambiz Kayvantash, CTO of CADLM. "We benefit from DYNAmore's network and hope to present the advantages of our solutions to a large, international audience," Kayvantash further explains.

In addition to sales, the cooperation between the two companies also includes a training program in which the advantages and possibilities of ODYSSEE are presented in detail. Also at the 13th European LS-DYNA Conference in October 2021, the product will be presented in detail as part of the exhibition as well as in the breakout sessions, where the capabilities will be demonstrated.

If you are interested in further information about ODYSSEE, general questions about LS-DYNA or other products from our portfolio, please contact our sales department. We look forward to receiving numerous inquiries.


Founded in 1989, CADLM specializes in engineering, simulation, optimization and industrial reliability analysis. It has developed specific know-how in data analysis and AI, especially for the automotive, aeronautics, biomedical and civil engineering sectors. Precursor of the technologies it masters (data analysis, prediction  based on experiments, simulation, images or sensors, scale models, optimization, artificial intelligence), CADLM publishes and markets its software under the ODYSSEE platform and offers high value-added services, with a commitment to time and results.

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