Faurecia Automotive Seating Chooses LS-DYNA as Main Crash Solver

DYNAmore announces the agreement for the worldwide usage of their crash simulation software LS-DYNA within the Faurecia group.

Stuttgart, May 10th, 2010

DYNAmore announces the agreement for the worldwide usage of their crash simulation software LS-DYNA within the Faurecia group. Faurecia has decided to choose LS-DYNA as main simulation platform for crash, impact and passenger safety simulations. The new multi-year agreement allows all Faurecia sites worldwide to access the simulation software from a central license server based in Paris. The decision has been made based on both a technical and a financial basis. “We want a balanced relationship with our software providers”, said Mr. Eteneau, Chief Information Officer of the whole Faurecia Group. “Both the technical quality of the software, the support services provided by the distributors and the financial conditions must fit to the challenging goals we want to achieve with the help of simulation tools.”

Christophe Lemaitre, the worldwide Director for Validation at Faurecia adds: “Our major goal was to unify our CAE process to a single FEA chain with one single Pre/Post, one single solver, one set of material databases and one set of dummy models. This allows us to apply consistent FEA guidelines and work instructions throughout all different sites of the Faurecia worldwide operations, leading to a higher level of quality of the applied methods within the CAE groups. Also we have the opportunity to capitalize our investments into FEA tools & methods development, which was not possible within the former heterogeneous CAE solver environment. Moreover training classes can be delivered in an effective manner. Last but not least, our relationship to the OEM is not limited to the exchange of FEA models within the development process, but is based on FEA results delivered by Faurecia FEA chain, which gives us the opportunity to get better integrated and get more responsibility within the development process of the OEM.”

Prof. Uli Göhner from DYNAmore adds: “We are happy, that we could successfully position our software and support services within the Faurecia Group. Our open strategy has helped us to get a long-term agreement within the Faurecia Group. Together with our partners Aloytech Technologies, Ove Arup Systems, Dynamax, Inc. and Engineering Research AB, we are willing to help Faurecia in their standardization process and will provide special software modules and services for data transfer purposes. This could be an example for other suppliers, who want to decrease their number of solver tools in order not only to minimize software costs, but also to optimize their development process.”


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