4th European LS-DYNA Users Conference

The 4th European LS-DYNA Users was held in Ulm(Germany) on 22nd and 23rd of May 2003. This Conference provided an ideal forum for LS-DYNA users from all over the world. The Conferences was hostet by DYNAmore.
Crash- / Automotive Applications
Title Author(s) Affiliation
CAE Simulations for Passive Safety focused on the Porsche Cayenne - The Transition to New Technologies Schelkle, E.
Klamser, H.
Dr. Ing. h. c. Porsche AG
How to Develop a Five Star Car by using LS-DYNA Malcusson, R.
Saab Automobile AB
The Development of the new XJ Jaguar in Advanced Aluminium; Opportunities and Challenges Zeguer, T.
Jaguar Cars
Consideration of Manufacturing Effects to Improve Crash Simulation Accuracy Böttcher, C.-S.
Frik, S.
Adam Opel AG
Integration of Simulation in the Development Process Brockmann, J.
Faurecia Autositze GmbH & Co. KG
Safety Analyses of the New ACTROS Cabines According to ECE-R29/02 Raich, H.
DaimlerChrysler AG
The Evaluation of Crashworthiness of Vehicles with Forming Effects Kim, H.
Hong, S
Kia Motors
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Validation of New Train Railway Rolling Stock using Finite Element Analysis Ricketts, B.
Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd.
Strength Analysis of Seat Belt Ancorage According to ECE R14 and FMVSS 210 Hessenberger, K.
DaimlerChrysler AG
Improving the Roadside Safety with Computational Simulations Vesenjak, M.
Ren, Z.
University of Maribor
Recent Developments in Virtual Digital Tire Modeling Fukushima, T.
Oshita, F.
Japan Research Institut
Reasons for Scatter in Crash Simulation Results Thole, C.-A.
Liguan, M.
FhG-SCAI Fraunhofer Inst. Algorithmen und wissenschaftl. Rechnen
LS-DYNA on MPP Platforms, Experience and Practical Recommendations Jankowski, U.
LS-DYNA on Linux-Cluster at EDAG - Use Case Hanlon, J. U.S.
Platz, B.
EDAG Engineering+Design AG
Teraport GmbH
Impact Performance of Flexible Guardrail Systems using LS-DYNA Sennah, K.
Samaan, M.
Elmarakbi, A.
Ryerson University
Occupant / Pedestrian Safety / Airbag
Title Author(s) Affiliation
Recent Advances in THUMS: Development of Individual Internal Organs, Brain, Small Female, and Pedestrian Model Oshita, F.
M. Iwamoto, K. Omori
H. Kimpara,I .Watanabe,K. Miki
J. Hasegawa
Japan Research Institut
Toyota Central LAB

Toyota Motor Corp.
FTSS Dummy Models update Huang, York
FTSS First Technology Safety Systems
Development of the 50th Percentile Hybrid III Dummy Model Kan, C.-D.
Marzougui, D.
Bedewi, N.
George Washington University, NHTSA
FAT Dummy Models for Side Impact Franz, Uli
Schuster, Peter
Schmid, Werner
DYNAmore GmbH
Development and Validation of Numerical Pedestrian Impactor Models Frank, T.
Kurz, A.
Pitzer, M.
Söllner, M.
DaimlerChrysler AG
Lasso Ing. ges. mbH
Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG
Crash Simulation in Pedestrian Protection Dörr, S.
Chladek, H.
Finite Element Models for European Testing, a Side Impact Barrier to WG-13 and Pedestrian Impactors WG17 Dutton, T.
Simulation of FMVSS 202 using LS-DYNA Implicit Patwardhan, V.
Sambamoorthy, B.
Halder, T.
Lear Corporation
Biomechanical Analysis of Whiplash Injuries; Women are not Scaled Down Men Mordaka, J.
Gentle, C. R.
Nottingham Trent University
Numerical and Experimental Study on Fracture of Chute Structure at Deployment of Invisible Passenger Side Airbag Kangwook, L.
Hyundai Mobiles
Application of MADYMO Occupant Models in LS-DYNA/MADYMO Coupling Happee, R.
Janssen, A.J.
Fraterman E.
Monster, J.W.
TNO Automotive Delft
On Airbag Simulation in LS-DYNA with the Use of the Arbitrary Eulerian Method Fokin, D.
Fredriksson, L.
Lokhande, N.
Altair Engineering GmbH
*MAT_GAS_MIXTURE, A New Gas Mixture Model for Airbag Applications Olovsson, L.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Prediction of Occupant Injury in an Out-Of-Position Impact Using the Fluid Structure Interaction Capabilities in LS-DYNA Marklund, P.
Pipkorn, B.
Engineering Research Nordic AB
Autoliv Research AB
Title Author(s) Affiliation
The Application of the Damage and Fracture Material Model to Crashworthiness Evaluations for Aluminum cars Tsuchida, T.
Yamamoto, S.
Isomura, K.
Toyota Motor Corp.
Strain Rate Dependent Micro-mechanics Based Composite Material Model Tabiei, A.
Ivanov, I.
University of Cincinnati
A Simplified approach for the simulation of rubber under dynamic loading Du Bois, Paul
Implementation and Validation of the J-H2 Ceramic Material Model in LS-DYNA Cronin, D. S.
McIntosch, G.
Kaufmann, C.
Bui, K., Berstad, T.
University of Waterloo
Application of Configurational Forces in Finite Element Simulations Kolling, S.
Ackermann, D.
DaimlerChrysler AG
On Constitutive Equations for Elastomers and Elastomeric Foams Feng, W. W.
Hallquist, J. O.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Improved Plasticity and Failure Models for Extruded Mg-Profiles in Crash Simulations Oberhofer, G.
Lanzerath, H.
Wesemann, J.
Hombergsmeier, E
MATFEM Partnerschaft Gese & Oberhofer

EADS Corporate Research Center
Implementation of a Material Model for TRIP Steels in LS-DYNA and Comparison with Test Results Hilding, D.
Scheding, E.
Engineering Research Nordic AB
Avesta Polaroit AB
A new plasticity model for a nitrogen alloyed steel at high strain rates regime-implementation into LS-DYNA Adoum, M. Terrier, J.-M.
Fréchard, S.
Rondot, F.
Lichtenberger, A.
CRIL Technology
French-German Research Institut, Saint-Louis
Modeling of Foams using MAT 83 - Preparation and Evaluation of Experimental Data Serifi, E.
Hirth, A.
Matthaei, S.
Müllerschön, H.
University of Stuttgart
DaimlerChrysler AG

DYNAmore GmbH
Metal Forming
Title Author(s) Affiliation
Stress Analysis of Connector PIN Produced by Reverse Stamping Process Won, Y.-H.
LG-Cable Ltd.
Finite Element Analysis of Stresses Due to Normal and Sliding Contact Conditions on an Elastic Surface Ram, A.
Danckert, J.
Faurholdt, T.
University of Aalborg
New Trends in Sheet Metal Forming Buchert, J.
Harrison, D. K.
DeSilva, A. K. M.
Bauer, H.
Aalen University of Applied Science
Simulation of the forming process of metal-plastic-metal sheets Borg, R.
Engineering Research Nordic AB
High Lights of DYNAFORM 5.0 for 2003 Tang, A.
eta Engineering Technology Associates
Application of Dynamic Explicit in the Simulation of Superplastic Forming Samekto, H.
Roll, K.
University of Stuttgart
DaimlerChrysler AG
Forming to Crash Simulation in Full Vehicle Models Cafolla, J.
Hall, R. W.
Norman, D. P.
McGregor, I. J.
Corus Automotive Engineering
Influence of The Effect of Strain Rates on Springback in Aluminium 2024 Kulkarni, P.
Prabhakar, S.
Cessna Aircraft Company
New Developments at the forming Simulation of Hydroforming Processes Keigler, M.
Mihsein, M.
Bauer, H.
Hall, R.
Aalen University of Applied Science
More Realistic Virtual Prototypes by Means of Process Chain Optimization Gantner, P.
Harrison, D. K.
DeSilva, A. K. M.
Bauer, H.
Aalen University of Applied Science
Virtual Die Tryout of Miniature Stamping Parts Yang, M.-C.
Tsai, T.-C.
Metal Industries R&D Center
Sheet Metal Forming in a Virtual Reality Environment using LS-DYNA and Neural Networks Gokhale, A.
University of Wichita
Manufacturing Simulation of an Automotive Hood Assembly Galbraith, C.
Thomas, D.
Metal Forming Analysis Corp.
A Method for Modifying the Forming Tool Geometry in Order to Compensate for Springback Effects Jernberg, A.
Engineering Research AB
LS-DYNA Environment
Title Author(s) Affiliation
CAE Data Management and Quality Assessment of LS-DYNA Crash Models using V-CESS Eick, M.
Seybold, J.
Fredriksson, L.
Altair Engineering GmbH
Automating LS-DYNA Simulation Processes using SOFY/RADE Ulrich, D.
Sofy GmbH
scFEMod - The New Preprocessor for Efficient Assembly and Model Validation Sommer, O.
science+computing ag
Platform and LS-DYNA, solutions for design & simulation - today and tomorrow Slominsky, M.
Reichert, C.
Platform Computing GmbH
CAE Process Support by MIDAS and MEDINA Sattler, M.
Westhäußer, M.
Finkel, A.
Bringing Static-, Dynamic- and Crash Analysis closer together Reza, S.
MSC.Software GmbH
Virtual Reality in Crash-Simulation Birk, F.
Improving Productivity by Immersion and Interaction - A New Approach in CAE Rößler, A.
Drop Test / Impact
Title Author(s) Affiliation
Numerical Modelling of Impacts on Ski Safety Nets Adoum, M.
Lapoujade, V.
CRIL Technology
Numerical Investigations of a Projectile Impact on a Textile Structure Schweizerhof, K.
Blankenhorn, G.
Finckh, H.
DYNAmore GmbH
University of Karlsruhe
University of Stuttgart
Optimization of a Cockpit Structure according to ECE-R 21 Regulation Walter, M.
Chladek, H.
Examples' Manual for *User_Loading Option Adoum, M
Lapoujade, V.
CRIL Technology
Structural Design Review of LCD-TV Module by Impact Analysis Choi, S.
Lee, J.-G.
Samsung Electronics Co.
The Relation Between Initial Yaw and Long Rod Projectile Shape After Penetration an Oblique Thin Plate Arad, M.
Touati, D.
Latovitz, I.
IMI, Israel Military Industries
LS-DYNA Application to Calculate Loads Causing Critical Damages of Container for FM Transportation Roubtsov, B.
Abramov, A.
Voikina, O.
Komarov, A. Serbin, V.

Numerical Simulation of a Flight Recorder's; Protective Case Penetration Resistance Test Ryabov, A.
Romanov, V.
Kukanov, S.
Roschihmarov, D.
Sarov Open Computing Center
New Developments
Title Author(s) Affiliation
Current and future Developments in LS-DYNA - I Hallquist, J. O.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Current and future Developments in LS-DYNA - II Hallquist, J. O.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Recent New Developments in Contact Mechanics Wriggers, P.
K. Fischer
A. Rieger
University of Hanover

Continental AG
LS-DYNA Applications in Shipbuilding Le Sourne, H.
Besnier, F.
Couty, N.
Legarve, H.
Principa Marine

DCN Ingénierie
Implicit Functionality in LS-DYNA v970 Maker, B.
Grimes, R.
Ashcraft, C.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Using LS-DYNA for Heat Transfer Shapiro, A.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Implicit Analysis using LS-DYNA Grimes, R.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Simulation of Full-Scale Seismic-Resistant Structural Frame Tests Using LS-DYNA 960 Implicit Solver Field, C. J.
Ove Arup & Partners California Ltd.
LS-DYNA Beam Element Cross Section Integration - An Assessment Schwer, L.
Schwer Engineering & Consulting Services
Stabilized DSG Elements - A New Paradigm in Finite Element Technology Bischoff, M.
Koschnick, F.
Bletzinger, K.-U.
University of Munich
Aerospace / Fluid-Structure Interaction
Title Author(s) Affiliation
Jet Engine Fan Blade Containment using Two Alternate Geometries Carney, K.
Pereira, M.
Revilok, D.
Matheny, P.
NASA Glenn Research Center

Florida Turbine Technology
The Use of LS-DYNA Fluid-Structure Interaction to Simulate Fluid-Driven deformation in the Aortic Valve Howard, I.C.
Burriesci, G.
Carmody, C.J.
Patterson, E.A.
University of Sheffield
Sorin Biomedica Cardio
MG Bennett & Associates Ltd
University of Sheffield
Modern Field Code Cluster of Fluid Dynamics and Structure Mechanics with Meta-Computing Grids for Safety and Environment Research Studies Rehm, W.
Wang, B.
Binninger, B.
Nae, C.
Forschungszentrum Jülich

Universität Aachen
University of Bucharest, Romania
Fluid-Structure Interaction in LS-DYNA: Industrial Applications Souli, M.
Olovsson, L.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Title Author(s) Affiliation
Shape Adaptive Airfoils for Turbomachinery Applications: Simulation and Optimization Müller, T.
Lawerenz, M.
University of Kassel
Crashworthiness Optimization in LS-OPT: Case Studies in Metamodeling and Random Search Techniques Stander, N. Roux, W.J.
Giger, M. Redhe, M.
Federova, N.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
University of Linkoping
Snezhinsk Institute of Physics an Technology
University of Pretoria
System indentification and design optimization of "noisy" structural problems: Probabilistic and Deterministic Fundamentals Stander, N
Roux, W.
Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Geometry Optimization with LS-DYNA using Stochastic Methods Höfer, C.
Sakaryali, C.
EASI Engineering GmbH
MPP / Linux-Cluster / Hardware
Title Author(s) Affiliation
Considerations for LS-DYNA Efficiency in the SGI IRIX and Linux Environments with a NUMA System Architecture Posey, S.
Meng, N.
Silicon Graphics
Performance of LS-DYNA on hpcLine Linux Clusters Altmeyer, K.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers GmbH
A Correlation Study Between MPP LS-DYNA Performance and Various Interconnection Networks Lin, Y.-Y.
Hewlett-Packard Company
Itanium - A Viable Cost-Effective Technology for Crash Simulation Hillcoat, A.
Hewlett-Packard Ltd.
Recent Developments of LS-DYNA Computation in Sun Microsystems Roh, Y.-S.
Fong, H.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Porting LS-DYNA to AMD Opteron Rintala, D.
Jessel, D.
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices
Performance of LS-DYNA on NEC-Clusters and new highend SMP-Systems Findling, A.
NEC Europe GmbH
How to make LS-DYNA run faster Li, G.
Zais, J.
IBM CAE Application Team
Comparative Performance of InfiniBand Architecture and Giga Ethernet Interconnets on Intel Itanium 2 Architecture-based Clusters Jonsson, L.
Magro, W.
Intel Americas, Inc.
The New Paradigm Shift for High-Performance Computing Cornelius, H.
Intel GmbH
Linux Cluster - Computer Power Out of the Box Schlagenhauf, H.
science + computing ag