From 6 months to 6 weeks "Multi Disciplinary Optimisation MDO"

The traditional new-vehicle design cycle is very time consuming due to the sequential approach used. The need to reduce time to market for new vehicles as well as the increased affordability of high- performance computing, which can process hundreds of simulations concurrently, has led to the increased adoption of MDO processes. The goal of an MDO is to provide a more consistent, formalized process for complex system design than that found in traditional approaches, as well as to impact the design cycle through timely, performance-based direction. In essence, MDO aids in the management of the design process workflow itself. The MDO principle allows engineers and analysts to address multiple vehicle attributes such as safety performance, refinement and failure modes e.g. full frontal, offset, side and rear impacts, occupant restraints and total vehicle level NVH. This paper provides a formal and structured approach in the use of MDO at JaguarLandover to address complex and often conflicting requirements; arriving at better quality designs in a faster and more cost- effective manner. The use of MDO solutions increases the efficiency of the simulation processes by the following: Automation of many manual simulation processes to save time. Linking multiple simulation such as Crash, NVH and restrain to perform trade-off analyses Minimizing vehicle weight and meeting all vehicles attribute requirements. Find optimal designs and develop better products

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