Integration of Morphing and Optimization with the CAx-Load Case Composer at AUDI

The increasing demand to evaluate vast amounts of different load cases has led to a highly standardized and automated way of model assembling at AUDI. This model assembling is greatly assisted by the software “CAx Load Case Composer” which has been developed by DYNAmore in cooperation with AUDI. The Loadcase Composer (LoCo) provides the user with convenient ways to manage FE-model include files and allows to automatically select appropriate include files for each load case. Thus the use of redundant includes can be avoided or at least reduced by significant amounts. One mayor concept of LoCo is the capability of integrating parameters in the FE input files. Parameters for design changes, such as for example airbag settings or seat/dummy transformations can be specified and administrated within the software. This allows the user to apply parameter studies, optimization and stochastic analysis very fast and easily. Through the integration of LS-OPT in LoCo, powerful optimization algorithms can be employed. In this paper it is shown how morphing parameters for geometrically shape changes have been integrated in LoCo. This will be demonstrated with an example. The close integration into the standardized simulation workflow allows performing parameter studies of shape design changes with a minimum effort. In addition, it can be used in conjunction with the LS-OPT integration in LoCo. Together with LS-OPT and LoCo an engineer at AUDI has the ability to set up an optimization with very little effort. Thus it allows that optimization, parameter studies and stochastic analysis become operations of daily use.

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