The Use of LS-OPT in the Development of Jaguar Adaptive Passenger Airbag Including: Folding, OOP, Calibration and Optimisation

Modelling accurately passenger airbags has been a great challenge for both OEM and airbag suppliers. Although JLR suppliers were requested to deliver LS-DYNA models for PAB assemblies, they would use other tools to fold airbags and translate them into LS-DYNA. This process of conversion required a great deal of correction and was time consuming, leading to program delays and lost confidence in the reduction of the large number of tests associated in the development of Out Of Position (OOP). The motivation of this project is to develop a complete process using LS- DYNA and LS-OPT in the development of an adaptive PAB for OOP. The OOP process includes a realistic folding, inflator representation using particle method, use of LS- OPT for auto correlation and robustness prediction.

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