Innovative Composites Summit, 12 - 14 March, Paris, France

There is no doubt that composite materials are rapidly becoming a mainstream technology and materials of choice within many industries.

Nowadays, the biggest challenges are clearly coming from the:

  • technological transfers which will sustain composites growth in a near future,
  • large consumption due to the increasing of human population and its needs with no limits,
  • numerous innovations that feed the market and boost the use of composites instead of other traditional materials.

The key drivers in the composite industry are ever challenging in terms of lightweight, reduction of raw materials and manufacturing costs, production with higher quality standards and sustainability in eco-friendly environment.

To meet the expectations, several technological developments are focused on integrated design solutions, testing and analysis, life cycle assessment and composites process productivity to face a large scale production.

I.C.S. (Innovative Composites Summit) program aims at educating and providing the latest information, trends and experience feedbacks to professionals willing to improve their knowledge and networking on composites.

Presentation on Tuesday, 12 March, 10:30 / 13:30
(Design Conference "From behaviour simulation to product development)
From Productibility to Serviceability Simulation of Long Fiber Reinforced Parts

Dr. Andre Haufe, DYNAmore GmbH


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