Elastomers and Polymers

With this recording of the compact webinar, you can follow the course on your own computer at your own schedule.

It is the objective of this webinar to give an overview of the available material models for foams, rubbers and glues in LS-DYNA and on how to apply them properly. In addition to that the theoretical background of these models will be presented. Furthermore the topics parameter identification, experimental set-up and evaluation of experimental results will be discussed.

Small example problems will illustrate various application cases of the material models implemented in LS-DYNA.

Please note that this course is only available to employees of companies or universities. Students and private individuals are excluded from use.


  • Presentation of various applications
  • Discussion of the material behavior of polymers
  • Foams
    • Reversible, crushable and semi-crushable foams
    • Appropriate material models for LS-DYNA
    • Preparation of test results and assumption in LS-DYNA
  • Rubber Materials
    • Quasi-static and dynamic behavior
    • Incompressibility
    • Experimental set-up, data preparation
    • Parameter Identification
  • Thermoplastics
    • Material models for small deformations
    • Material models for large deformations
    • Experimental set-up, data preparation
    • Validation and verification



Stefan Kolling

Stefan Kolling

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Lecturer of the seminar:

  • Modeling of polymers and elastomers in LS-DYNA