Structural Design Review of LCD-TV Module by Impact Analysis

Display performance of LCD is going to be continuously high definition, high brightness, wide viewing angle. On the other hand, outline dimensions are demanded to be slimer and lighter. As the result of above demand, the space of each part becomes gradually narrow and tight. Therefore, the importance of design to prevent weakness for impact is embossed greatly. LCD products have to be subjected to various impact test for consumer's using environments. During the design, toolcorrection or modification caused by damage or large deformation of weak part give rise to time consumption and cost-up. For development of LCD-TV module, these problems become more important because of its large size and heavy weight. To improve these problems, we performed impact analysis of 40 inch LCD-TV module using LS-DYNA and applied the results to the development. In this analysis, we found out the weak regions and obtained improved reliability after design modification. Impact analysis using LS-DYNA is going to be applied in the all of LCD product developments hereafter, and development period reduction and reliability improvement are highly expected.