Numerical simulation of spiral-strand cables subjected to high velocity fragment impact

This paper presents the results of a numerical study carried out to evaluate the response of high-strength steel spiral-strand cables, when subjected to high velocity fragment impact. A detailed numerical model of a 60 mm diameter spiral-strand cable subjected to impact from a 20 mm fragment simulating projectile has been developed for analysis in LS-DYNA. Detailed consideration was given to the complex geometry of the cable, wire-to-wire contact and friction, cable-end boundary conditions and appropriate material modelling. Fragment velocities between 200 and 1400 m/s were modelled to assess the penetration and perforation resistance of the cable and to study the magnitude of localised cross-sectional cable damage. The numerical results were validated against initial laboratory tests. In both the tests and numerical simulations none of the cables were perforated by the fragments and good agreement was seen in the damage area, the fragment penetration depth and the wire splay phenomenon.