Newly Developed Capabilities of DYNAFORM Version 5.0

Wenliang Chen, Dingyu Chen, H.Xie, Quanqing Yan, Arthur Tang and Chin Chun Chen Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. Troy, Michigan U.S.A Over the past two decades, the finite element analysis (FEA) has emerged as one of the most important engineering tools in the many industries, due to its flexibility and accuracy in prediction. Nowadays, it is widely used in sheet metal forming industry to predict the forming feasibility of wide variety of complex components, ranging from aerospace and automotive components to household products. As the demand of FEA accelerates, the need for a robust and streamlined process based pre-processor has become crucial, especially in the tool and die manufacturing industry. As a continuous effort, the DYNAFORM Version 5.0 has been developed to meet the needs. This paper will discuss the capabilities of two newly developed key features embedded in the DYNAFORM Version 5.0. These “state of the art” features are Quick Setup (QS) and Die Face Engineering (DFE) module. The QS module aims to reduce the setup time for stamping simulation, while the DFE module allows stamping engineers to create, re-design and reengineer the tooling from part geometry.