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Modellierung gummiartiger Materialien bei dynamischer Beanspruchung

M. Timmel, Prof. M. Kaliske (Universität Leipzig) S. Kolling (DaimlerChrysler AG) In this paper, we present constitutive models to simulate the behavior of rubberlike materials. On the one hand, hyperelastic models have been investigated which are already available in LS-DYNA [1], [2]. One the other hand, we applied material approaches which have been implemented into the user defined material interface. In this context, we discuss the identification of the material parameters. Based on two complex numerical examples, an evaluation of the constitutive models is carried out. In particular, we point out the quality of the potential functions under multiaxial loading based on uniaxial experiments. Furthermore, we give an overview about the theoretical aspects of hyperelasticity to evaluate the numerical results. Finally, we present constitutive approaches to simulate and to capture the damage behavior of rubberlike materials.

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