Efficient CAE data and process management, for virtual product development and verification, in LS-DYNA simulations

D. Angelis, S. Seitanis, A. Kaloudis (BETA CAE Systems) In modern automotive industry, the distance between conceptual design and production consists of an ever increasing number of CAE-cycles that involve the collection / manipulation of huge amount of diverse data. In addition, the growing complexity of simulation and analyses leads to error-prone procedures tends to delay crucial decisions and prolongs the CAE turnaround time. The remedy to this is process automation and the challenge is to achieve it by keeping the procedure cost-efficient and error proof. To improve CAE productivity, it is suggested that a centralized Data Management system is used to store / retrieve and provide engineering data to a Task Manager that contains all steps required for the generation of alternative vehicle simulation models. Tasks in Task Manager are set by CAE experts, thereby making CAE experience and expertise inherent in the process. It is believed that the adoption of the proposed workflow process will compress the overall CAE turnaround cycle and help keeping the CAE process cost efficient and error proof.

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