A User-Defined Element Interface in LS-DYNA v971

T. Borrvall (Engineering Research AB); T. Erhart (DYNAmore) The user-defined features in LS-DYNA are powerful tools that allow users in academia or industry to verify research results in the context of general and complicated finite element applications. Implementation work concerns only the special field of interest, and there is no need for the comprehensive task of developing and maintaining the complete finite element software. One of the new user-defined features in LS-DYNA v971 is the possibility to define structural solid and shell elements. Up to a total of ten element formulations can be implemented in a single LS-DYNA executable both for explicit and implicit analyses. A high abstraction-level interface is in particular provided for numerically integrated elements, and stabilization schemes can easily be incorporated. There is also the option to implement resultant or discrete elements, and property parameters and history variables can be associated with the element. The interface is equipped with additional features that facilitates research on element technology, but also makes it perfectly suited for educational purposes. An overview of the procedure of implementing an element in the new interface as well as invoking it from the keyword input file will be presented.

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