Robustheitsuntersuchung und Sensitivitätsanalyse am Beispiel Schlittenversuche nach ECE-R14-7

H. Mandel (DaimlerChrysler) M. Thiele (DYNAmore) For the safety of vehicle occupants during a frontal crash the stability of the seats and their connections to the car body as well as an appropriately designed restraint system are essential. For safety relevant components a reliable performance is most important. Especially when considering the scatter of parameters with respect to material properties and test conditions. This paper presents a robustness analysis based on a three passenger bench seat for a commercial van following ECE R14 appendix 7. The numerical simulations are performed using LS-DYNA [1] and the stochastic evaluation is done with LS-OPT. The goal of this investigation is to determine the influence of various model parameters and to improve the informational value of the test results.

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