A Shape-Matching Algorithm for Deep Drawing Applications

To get a more precise description of the material behavior of automotive parts in crash scenarios it is important to take into account the production processes of the formed parts [10]. For this purpose different thickness and strain tensor data from the results of the stamping simulation have to be mapped to the car components. Typically different coordinate systems are being used for the stamping and the crash simulation. Also mesh sizes are different in stamping and crash applications. Before the necessary strain interpolation process can be started (*include stamped part), the stamped part and the crash part must be matched. For this purpose different algorithms from computer graphics programming have been compared and one algorithm (Iterative Closest Point) was implemented and tested on different configurations. The work was made by Markus Brüchle as his Diploma Thesis and supervised by Uli Göhner at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten.

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