Energieabsorbierende Sandwichstrukturen unter Impact-Belastung

Against the background of passive safety features (i.e. automotive engineering) basic research is done on sandwich structures with core layers being made of cellular metals. Cellular metals exhibit distinct plastic-compressible material behaviour which is associated with a high energy absorption capacity adjustable via density. In the case of low velocity impact on sandwich structures, this potential can be utilized by using dissipative weak core layers. For structures adapted to a special load case it is necessary to find out the right combination of face and core layer thicknesses. Therefore the mass and possible failure mechanisms have to be taken into account as well as accelerations and deflections during the impact event. Exemplary sandwich beams with stainless steel faces and aluminium foam core subjected to drop test loading are investigated. For this purpose a procedure is demonstrated, including the identification of material parameters and the verification of numerical analyses performed with LS-Dyna by means of experimental data.

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