Template driven LS-DYNA model build-up with ANSA Task Manager

In the presently CAE-driven vehicle design process a great number of discipline models must be built and analyzed for the validation of a new vehicle model design. The increasing number of vehicle model variants further increases the number of the load-cases that must be studied. This process introduces a great amount of disparate data that need to be handled by the CAE teams. However, due to the multiple sources and the diversity of the CAE data, the current level of organization and data management deployed does not account for them. Setting as a target the reduction of the CAE turnaround cycle and cost, the pre-processing tools are required to streamline all "input" data and at the same time the simulation model build-up process itself. These tools must be able to distinguish the model build-up stages, reduce the error-prone procedures involved in the CAE cycle while at the same time ensure the repeatability and versatility of the complete model build-up process. This paper will present the means provided by BETA CAE Systems S.A. towards the development of realistic, repeatable and robust crash simulation models for LS-DYNA. ANSA Task Manager, using template processes, supervises the generation of the simulation models, while ANSA Data Management, in the background, facilitates the components management, ensuring that the engineering teams will always work with the most up-to-date data. The simulation model set-up becomes a repeatable and user-independent procedure, safeguarding the model quality and fidelity.

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