Latest developments in Crash Pre Processing and Post Processing. Innovative Ideas brought to the Industry with ANSA and μETA.

The increasingly demanding and complex requirements in Crash Analysis, require continues and innovative software development. BETA CAE Systems in an effort to meet, and exceed, the demands of the industry is introducing new cutting edge technologies. Both in the pre processing area with ANSA, and in post processing with μETA. This paper presents these new technologies. With the introduction of a new version of ANSA in 2009 a new user interface was presented. The new interface is a long term effort to give the CAE engineer the capacity to work in a modern software interface environment leading in increased productivity and “ease of use”. On the same time the development of highly specialized tools can greatly reduce the time of pre processing by automating various difficult operations. Some of these are a kinematic solver that allows the manipulation of complex kinematic mechanisms of crash models and tools that automate the procedures for occupant and pedestrian testing. In the area of post processing the advances are equally impressive in the latest μΕΤΑ versions. Better system resources utilization such as smaller memory footprint and a huge speedup in graphics performance, guarantee that the responsiveness and feel of the software environment won’t be compromised even by the biggest models. Additionally advanced functionality, like the direct calculation of section forces, provides the tools that are needed for the evaluation of the results. Recently process automation tools are introduced which together with advanced report generation functionalities make the automation of post processes easy.

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