Latest Developments in ANSA for Model Assembly and Loadcase Management based on LS-DYNA Include Files.

The research and development phase in the area of Crash and Safety simulations are interwoven by continuously increasing demands in various ways. First of all the number of the FE-elements used for the model discretization as well as the model complexity that is being introduced, in order to achieve higher convergence with the test results, is constantly getting higher. Another factor is the number of the simulation models that is increasing as well. This happens due to the existence of many variations of a OEM's product that need to be analyzed, as well as the variety of the crash and safety test regulations that need to be examined. So the handling of different model configurations, as well as the load case build up is a procedure that involves a huge amount of data, by taking also into account that the FE-model is divided into several include files created by various members of the engineering team. Since the target is the performance of high quality crush test simulations, the engineers needs to have assurance that the FE-model is of high quality, fully assembled and with those ingredients that are needed, in order to analyze the component's behavior and to proceed to design improvements. New technologies are being introduced in the latest version of the pre processor ANSA in the area of the Model Assembly and Load-case Management, that assist the simulation engineer in the includes management as well as the automatic creation of the final “ready-to-run”-deck. In cooperation with the Data Management features, the overview of the project data is achieved serving information of cross- disciplinary documented include files.

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