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Europ. LS-DYNA Conference: Papers and short film online / THUMS Europ. User´s Meeting / Choice of seminars / Information day (free of charge) / LS-DYNA YouTube channel / New THUMS occupant and pedestrian model / New DIGIMAT version 6.0.1 / International LS-DYNA Conference 2016 / Meet DYNAmore

Published: 24 September 2015

01.) Europ. LS-DYNA Conference: Papers and short film online
02.) THUMS Europ. User´s Conference
03.) Choice of seminars (will surely take place!)
04.) Information day (free of charge)
05.) LS-DYNA YouTube channel
06.) New THUMS occupant and pedestrian model
07.) New DIGIMAT version 6.0.1
08.) International LS-DYNA Conference 2016
09.) Meet DYNAmore

1. Europ. LS-DYNA Conference: Papers and short film online
With its 180 presentations, 14 workshops and 38 exhibitors, the 10th European LS-DYNA Conference in Würzburg provided a great platform for knowledge exchange and thus, attracted an outstanding number of 540 participants. If you again want to reminisce the conference, you can watch our short film on YouTube or download the conference proceedings for further study here.

2. THUMS Europ. User´s Conference
Also of great success was the 2015 European THUMS User´s Conference in Würzburg, which attracted 60 participants one day after the European LS-DYNA Conference. More information can be found here.

3. Choice of seminars (will surely take place!)
Topic: Crash and Passenger Safety

- Introduction to Passenger Safety (28-29 Sept.) Registration Flyer (pdf)

- Contact Definitions in LS-DYNA (30 Sep.) Registration Flyer (pdf)

- Joining Techniques in LS-DYNA (13-14 Oct.)  Registration Flyer (pdf)

Topic: Forming and Welding

- Forming Simulation with eta/DYNAFORM (15-16 Oct.) Registration Flyer (pdf)

- Introduction to Welding Simulation (26 Oct.) Registration

- Forming Simulation with LS-DYNA (11-12 Nov.) Registration Flyer (pdf)

Topic: ALE and Optimization

- ALE and Fluid-Structure Interaction (7-8 Oct.) Registration Flyer (pdf)

- LS-OPT - Optimization and Robustness (20-22 Oct.) Registration Flyer (pdf)

4. Information day (free of charge)

- Welding and Heat Treatment with LS-DYNA (20 Oct. in Aachen, Germany) Registration Flyer

5. LS-DYNA YouTube channel
Have you already visited our YouTube channel with numerous tutorials and animations of LS-DYNA, LS-PrePost, LS-OPT and LS-TaSC? Simply take a look here.

6. New THUMS occupant and pedestrian model
A new version of THUMS V4.02 AM50 occupant and pedestrian model is available, in which the head region was modeled in more detail and the analysis stability was improved. An update from version 4.01 to 4.02 is free of charge. More information can be found here.

7. New DIGIMAT version 6.0.1
The new DIGIMAT version 6.0.1 brings a series of new features and improvements targeting various composite materials ranging from Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics (SFRP) to Discontinuous Fiber Composites (DFC) and Continuous Fiber Reinforced Composites (CFRP). More information can be found here.

8. International LS-DYNA Conference 2016
Please safe the date: The 14th International LS-DYNA Conference will be held 12 -14 June 2016 in Detroit, USA.

9. Meet DYNAmore

- GOM 3D Metrology (21-22 Sept., Braunschweig, Germany) ...more
- Euromold (22-25 Sept., Düsseldorf, Germany) ...more
- Karosseriebau (29-30 Sept., Bad Nauheim, Germany) ...more
- Digimat Conference (29 Sept.-1 Oct., Barcelona, Spain) ...more
- Blechexpo/Schweisstec (3-6 Nov., Stuttgart, Germany) ...more
- China LS-DYNA User´s Conference (9-11 Nov., Shanghai, China) ...more
- Forum Stanztechnik (2-3 Dec., Düsseldorf, Germany) ...more

Please find an overview of all events with DYNAmore participation here.