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German LS-DYNA Forum 2016 – Agenda update / Information day (free of charge) / Selection of seminars / SCALE: New LoCo version 1.48 available / New THUMS occupant model V5 available / New OASYS newsletter / Did you know? / Meet DYNAmore

Published: 9 September 2016

1.) German LS-DYNA Forum 2016 – Agenda update
2.) Information day (free of charge)

3.) Selection of seminars

4.) SCALE: New LoCo version 1.48 available

5.) New THUMS occupant model V5 available

6.) New OASYS newsletter

7.) Did you know?

8.) Meet DYNAmore

1. German LS-DYNA Forum 2016 – Agenda update
In just five weeks (10 to 12 October), the LS-DYNA Forum will take place in Bamberg, Germany. The conference has more than 100 high quality technical presentations and workshops to offer. Take the opportunity to learn more about LS-DYNA and to interact with other users. We look forward to your participation - sign up now!

Agenda update (online) Registration (online)
Agenda update (pdf) Registration (pdf) ...more

2. Information day (free of charge)

- Welding and heat treatment with LS-DYNA
(27 Sept., Aachen, Germany)
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3. Selection of seminars

- User materials in LS-DYNA (16 Sept.)
- Joining techniques for crash analysis (22-23 Sept.)
Registration Flyer
- Introduction to passive safety (26-27 Sept.)
» Registration Flyer
- Implicit analyis using LS-DYNA (29-30 Sept.)
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- ICFD – Incompressible fluid solver in LS-DYNA (5-6 Oct.)
- CESE – Compressible fluid solver in LS-DYNA (7 Oct.)
- Concrete and geomaterial modeling with LS-DYNA (6-7 Oct.)
- Methods for simulating short duration events (13-14 Oct.)
- Blast modeling in LS-DYNA (17-18 Oct.)
- Penetration modeling in LS-DYNA (19-20 Oct.)
- Explosives modeling in LS-DYNA (21 Oct.)
- LS-OPT – Optimization and robustness (18-20 Oct.)

4. SCALE: New LoCo version 1.48 available
SCALE announces the release of a new version of the SDM solution LoCo. In the course of extensive optimizations, the perfomance of LoCo has been improved and several new features have been added and adjusted. Detailed release notes can be found here.

5. New THUMS occupant model V5 available
The THUMS occupant model version 5 was released with the addition of an active muscle model. With the added ability to model the action of a human body going from a relaxed posture to a braced posture, the effectiveness of safety equipment, including Pre-Collision Systems (PCS), can be more accurately predicted. More information can be found here.

6. New OASYS newsletter
We would like to introduce you to the new monthly newsletter for the Oasys LS-DYNA Environment, which also contains the preprocessor PRIMER. To stay updated and to receive firsthand information about new features, please subscribe to the OASYS newsletter by sending an e-mail E-Mail to Shareen.Bagan@arup.com.

7. Did you know?
The new LS-DYNA version R9 offers several extensions for implicit simulations with LS-DYNA. But try it out for yourself and download our two new input decks for implicit analysis of the load cases "Roof Crush" and "Seat Pull".

8. Meet DYNAmore

- Forming Technology, 12-13 Sept., Ohlstadt, Germany ...more
- Experience Composites, 21-23 Sept., Augsburg, Germany ...more
- Digimat Users’ Meeting, 4-6 Okt., Lissabon, Portugal ...more
- LS-DYNA Forum, 10-12 Oct., Bamberg, Germany ...more
- Human Modeling, 20-21 Oct., Heidelberg, Germany ...more
- EuroBlech, 25-29 Oct., Hannover, Germany ...more
- Simvec, 22-23 Nov., Baden-Baden, Germany ...more
Please find an overview of all events with DYNAmore participation here.