Forming Car Body, Sept. ´15

29 - 30 September 2015, Bad Nauheim, Germany

29 - 30 September 2015, Bad Nauheim, Germany

Efficient car body part production in press plant, tool shop, foundry

Precision and efficiency in part manufacturing …
… is not everything in car body production – but without it, everything else is nothing! The quality of the finished car body depends decisively on the efficient management of materials and processes in the tool and press shops, in the foundry and, nowadays, also in the series production of complex composite parts.
Especially modern lightweight materials and their application in intensive material mix concepts often pose severe challenges to process technology in part production, and in their simulation, when, at the same time, demanding designs have to be realized, costs need to be minimized, and production flexibility and efficiency must be maximised.
Against this background, the annual Automotive Circle International conference "Forming in Car Body Engineering" discusses newest process technologies and innovative material applications in car body part production. On 29 and 30 September 2015, the event again assembles its globally leading network of expert car body engineers in Bad Nauheim, Germany, to present recent progress by international OEM, current developments of trailblazing system suppliers and industrially relevant ideas of important research institutions.

Conference topics:

  • Smart production in practice
  • Car body part development
  • New process approaches
  • Focus: aluminium hot-forming
  • Forming simulation
  • Additive Manufacturing: the future?
  • Steel panel forming
  • Improved tool steels

The conference addresses
International automotive OEM engineers responsible for the pre-development, development, planning and quality control of car body part production processes, in press plant, tool making and foundry, as well as their system suppliers and engineering service providers involved in relevant development projects.

Please listen to our presentation on wednesday, 30 September in the session "Forming Simulation":

Car body parts based on sandwich panels: presumptions for model building and simulation of the forming process
Dr. André Haufe, DYNAmore GmbH

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