Connect!, June ´18

5 - 6 June 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

9. CONNECT! European Moldflow User Meeting

5 - 6 June 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


At the two-day Moldflow User Meeting which will be held in 2018 under the motto "Refreshing Ideas", Moldflow experts will be able to learn about new functions and approaches and familiarize themselves with improvements. Use this opportunity to get in touch with the best minds in that field.


In addition to lectures CONNECT! offers Hands-On Labs and an accompanying exhibition on Moldflow and related products.


All presentations will be translated by simultaneous interpreters from English into German and vice versa.


Please find further information about the conference  here.

Contact Definitions
Stuttgart (GER), 24.09.2018
Implicit Analysis using LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 24.09.2018
Discrete Element Method
Stuttgart (GER), 26.09.2018
Introduction to Passive Safety
Stuttgart (GER), 27.09.2018
Introduction to LS-DYNA
Turin (ITA) , 03.10.2018
Information days / webinars
Infoday Optimization
Stuttgart (GER), 24.09.2018
Infoday Simulation of Plastics
Stuttgart (GER), 26.09.2018
Infoday 4a-Impetus
Stuttgart (GER), 26.09.2018
New Features in LS-DYNA and LS-OPT
Versailles (FRA) , 27.09.2018
Infoday Multiphysics
Stuttgart (GER), 08.10.2018