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Papers from 5th European Conference available at www.dynalook.com. In total more than 540 papers from various conferences can be downloaded.

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User Materials
Stuttgart (GER), 28.04.2017
Crash Analysis
Göteborg (SWE) , 02.05.2017
Modeling Metallic Materials
Stuttgart (GER), 02.05.2017
Joining Techniques in LS-DYNA
Göteborg (SWE) , 04.05.2017
Material Failure
Stuttgart (GER), 04.05.2017
Information days / webinars
Support days LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 19.05.2017
Infoday Welding and Heat Treatment
Zürich (SUI) , 22.05.2017
New Features in LS-DYNA and LS-OPT
Turin (ITA) , 23.05.2017
Infoday Human Models
Stuttgart (GER), 01.06.2017
Support days LS-DYNA
Stuttgart (GER), 16.06.2017