FEMZIP 5.44 available

The new FEMZIP version 5.44 is available now.
New version FEMZIP 5.44 available now
Following new features are implemented in FEMZIP 5:
  • Support for CPM database (AIRBAG_PARTICLE)
  • Support for 10-noded tetrahedron elements
  • Support of SPH results
  • Ssupport of ALE elements
  • Support for MSSCL output
  • Support of new thermal output
  • Automated switching to original value in case of  "extension of <result-xyz> to huge for precision"
  • Support for error return values
  • Support for incomplete files (Option -A), eg in case of error termination
  • Speed-up of FEMZIP by about a factor of 3 on Windows and Linux Platforms
  • Improved support for integration into postprocessors (faster read-in times (up to 50% reduction)

The version 5 generates version 4 compatible formats as long as the new data format features are not used and the number of nodes is not  larger than 5 million.

FEMZIP Version 5 is supported by the postprocessing tools GNS Animator 4, Version 1.21, and μETA, Version 6.5.0.

Please find more information about FEMZIP here.