GENESIS / Design Studio 12.2

GENESIS 12.2 and its companion Design Studio for GENESIS 12.2 have been released.

GENESIS and Design Studio for GENESIS v.12.2 released

GENESIS 12.2 and its companion Design Studio for GENESIS 12.2 have been released. CD-ROMs have been shipped out to current clients. Contact VR&D for instructions on how to download the new version if you did not receive one.

GENESIS New Features and Enhancements

    New Surface Definitions: Surfaces composed of shell and composite elements and/or faces of solid elements can be defined. New bulk data entries BSURFE, BSURFM and BSURFP have been added.
    New Glue Connection: Glue connection can be enforced between two defined surfaces. Useful to connect components modeled with non-conforming meshes. The new bulk data entry CGLUE has been added.
    New Shifted Response Types: Shifted responses allow easy creation of constraints which have bounds that are frequency dependent. Shifted responses are now available for all element dynamic responses including stresses, strains and forces.
    New Skin Elements: Nonstructural skin elements can be created to simplify using topography with solid element meshes. Skin elements do not have stiffness, mass or any physical property, and therefore do not affect any analysis results. By adding topography to a skin property, it becomes easy to design the surface of a solid element mesh. Skin elements are created using the existing CQUAD4, CTRIA3, CQUAD8 and CTRIA6 entries referencing the new PSKIN property entry.
    New Synthetic Response Capablility: Synthetic responses (DRESP2, DRESP3, TRESP2 and TRESP3) can now take as input the values calculated by other synthetic responses.
    Analysis Improvements:
  • Midside stress of the 10-node CTETRA element has been improved for cases when the element is distorted.
  • Solid elements can now be used with cylindrical or spherical coordinate systems to define material directions.
  • Sparse matrix solver has been enhanced for handling huge frontal matrices that can occur with very fine solid element meshes

Performance Improvements:

  • Domain and freeform preprocessing have been updated to run faster and require far less memory.
  • SMS eigensolver has received several enhancements to further improve performance.
  • Sensitivity module has been parallelized. Also, sensitivity calculations have been enhanced to handle sizing/topometry problems more efficiently.
  • Frequency response analysis module has been updated to reduce I/O in many cases.

For more information, please visit our GENESIS product page

Design Studio for GENESIS New Features and Enhancements

    Genesis 12.2 Compatibility: Enhanced to handle all the new capabilities of GENESIS v12.2.
    New Element/Grid Selection Options: Three new options for selecting elements/grids are available.
  • Select only frontmost elements/grids when dragging a selection box
  • Select all elements/grids on a surface bounded by feature lines
  • Dynamic Drag to select only elements/grids the mouse hits as it is dragged around

User Plugins: User Plugins can now be loaded from a special directory in the users home directory eliminating the need for administrative privileges to add a plugin.
Single Window Option: New default configuration merges the main area, viewport area and messages area into one single window. User preferences can be set to return to the three window configuration..
Path XY Charts: XY charts can be created for any result field defined along a sequence of grids.
Save Frequency Response and Path XY charts in the *.dsg file: Plots are now saved in the Design Studio database (*.dsg) file and can be restored when the database file is opened.

For more information, please visit our Design Studio for GENESIS product page