Generation of *BOUNDARY_PRESCRIBED_MOTION cards or *INTERFACE_LINKING_NODE_SET binary file out of d3plot for a given node set.

Plot2bc reads nodal time history data from a LS-DYNA d3plot file and writes it into a LS-DYNA input format file with load curves and prescribed boundary condition cards or into an *INTERFACE_LINKING_NODE style file.

usage: plot2bc [options]


-i nodelist-file file with list of nodes
(default: nodelist)
format: one node per line; "*" is comment
or *NODE keyword format (incl *NODE)
-all all nodes from plot (only for -infmak)
-free try to read node-list file in free format
-sort sort node IDs in output in ascending order
-mult check and prevent multiple node IDs (turns sorting on)
-g plotfile LS-DYNA binary plot data file
 (default: d3plot)
-o result-file name for resulting LS-DYNA input section
 (default: load_bc, plot.infmak or plot.csv)
-l offset offset value for load curve IDs
(default: 0)
-coor read and write nodal coordinates
-dis |-vel |-acc read and write nodal displacement, velocity
or acceleration values
(default: displacements)
-lt  |-mt  |-ut read and write lower/middle/upper temperature (only choose ONE position)
-par load curve scaling and offset as *PARAMETER
-csv output fileformat is CSV
-infmak output binary *INTERFACE_LINKING file
-lsda binary output fileformat is LSDA (default)
-nolsda binary output fileformat is old style (not recommended)
-x scl file size scale factor for *INTERFACE file (~ x100Mbytes)
(default: 70 for old style; 3000 for LSDA)
-ifid ID interface ID (LSDA style INTERFACE file)
(default: 1)
-iftit title interface title (LSDA style INTERFACE file)
-v version info
-h help and usage