Our tools are intended to make your work with LS-DYNA easier and are enjoying steadily growing popularity. The programs are written in Perl and Fortran and are available for Windows and Linux. From July 2022 the DYNAmore tools are available as a rental model.

Since many years, DYNAmore develops a family of small, command-line based tools to support the engineer’s daily work with LS-DYNA. These "little helpers" provide functionalities such as compress and modify d3plot databases, extract sub-models from d3plot files, collect and group warnings from message files, summarize model content, and many more. Together with more recently developed software products for special applications such as model checking, mapping of results or conversion of LS-DYNA output, the tools are now relaunched as the DYNAmore ECO SYSTEM and grouped into five packages, that can separately be licensed.


  • DM.plot2bc
    Generation of *BOUNDARY_PRESCRIBED_MOTION cards or *INTERFACE_LINKING_NODE_SET binary file out of d3plot for a given node set
  • DM.check-hsp
    Checks the d3hsp file for various model information
  • DM.check-c
    "Swiss Army knife" for all kind of contact warnings
  • DM.seghandle
    Listing, visualization and manipulation of *INTERFACE_COMPONENT/LINKING binary files
  • DM.plot2coor
    Reads nodal coordinates from d3plot at selected state for a node set. Possible replacement of matching *NODE cards in a keyword file


  • DM.plotcprs
    "Swiss Army knife" for manipulation or selection of d3plot file result data
  • DM.check-failed
    Tabulated info about failed elements and NaN forces or NaN velocities
  • DM.check-binout
    List contents and integrity of binout file
  • DM.d3plot-head
    Manipulation of d3plot header (title)
  • DM.plotintrusion
    Calculate maximal intrusion of a subset of nodes
  • DM.plot2nodout
    Extraction of NODOUT data (binout or ASCII format) out of d3plot file for a given node set
  • DM.hsp-tailor
    Eliminates redundant information from d3hsp or messag files in order to keep the files small


  • DM.inspect
    Customizable quality control of LS-DYNA input files
  • DM.check-hsp

    Checks the d3hsp file for various model information



  • DM.binout2isomme
    Conversion of LS-DYNA binout files to match the ISO-MME file format

Free tools for existing customers

  • kin2plot
    Converts Madymo kin3-resultfiles into d3plot file
  • rcrel
    Transformation of contact forces into a local system
  • nodrel
    Nodout in alternative coordinate systems