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Tabulated info about failed elements and NaN forces or NaN velocities.

This program checks the output files of the simulation (eg mes00xx) for all kind of failed elements. It gives a summarized information about failure reason (eg neg. volume, neg. jacobian) and properties of failed elements. Optional creation of session files for display and grouping of failed elements in Animator.

usage: check-failed [options] message-file[s]


-xfail check for failed elements (default - turned off by "-xnan")
-list list with elements and times
-tstart <time> check only for failed elements after <time>
-tend <time> check only for failed elements before <time>
-pid give PID summary and PID for -list
-g <d3plot> optional d3plot-file (needed for property info)
default: d3plot
-ide <opt> create postprocessor (Animator4 or LSPP) session file for displaying elements
that failed during LS-DYNA run ("ide ele ###")
values for <opt>:
all - all failed elements
shell - failed shells
solid - failed solids
beam - failed beams
jacob - failed shells due to negative Jacobian
volume - failed solids due to negative volume
master - failed beams due to failed master segment (spotweld)
spotstp - failed welds due to unconstrained nodes (spotweld)
assembly- failed solids due to failed weld assembly (spotweld)
relax - failed elements during dynamic relaxation phase (all types)
-lspp postprocessor session/command file is for LSPP
(default is Animator4)
-group create Animator4 session file for generating groups (Jacobian, negative volume, and other failed elements)
-xnan check for nodes with NAN values (="-xnanf -xnanv")
-xnanf check for nodes with NAN forces
-xnanvelo check for nodes with NAN velocities
-a4nan write Animator4 session file for selected NAN type
-lsppnan write LSPP command file for selected NAN type
-version version info

% check_failed -list -pid mes*