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Listing, visualization and manipulation of *INTERFACE_COMPONENT/LINKING binary files.

Seghandle allows its users to list and manipulate binary interface segment files which have been created by the LS-DYNA option *INTERFACE_COMPONENT_xxx.

If none of the manipulation options is chosen then seghandle just lists each time step with min/max coordinates and rotations of all nodes. Additionally it gives a summary of the number of interfaces, nodes, states and scale factor for the file family. The summary is saved to a file named "seghandle.prot".

The manipulation options allow scaling of the displacements, offsetting of the time points, changing (reduction only) of the time/state intervall, skipping of the rotations and changing of the file size scale factor.

The segment file should have been created by LS-DYNA via z=file.


seghandle segment-file [options]


-bs try to read in byteswap format
-tx tintervall time extraction interval for output
-sx intervall state extraction interval for output
-dt toffset time offset value
-ds fac displacement scale factor
-xs fac x-displacement scale factor
-ys fac y-displacement scale factor
-zs fac z-displacement scale factor
-o file output filename
(default="scl_<interface file>")
-x fac LS-DYNA file size scale factor
(default 99)
-norot no nodal rotational data in output
-3 <if-number> interface number with 3 nodes (in IF-file) that define relative motion to be eliminated
-n <file> interface file containing 3 nodes that define new motion to overlay over existing file
-quiet no min-max info written each state
-key write geometry in LS-DYNA keyword format -
nodes per interface on a separate file named
-keyall write geometry in LS-DYNA keyword format -
all nodes in one file named "interface.key"
-plot converts all data into d3plot-format file
default name: "segplot", use -g to change
-g <plotfile>
optional filename for d3plot-format file
-sp states number of states per plotfile (output)
default: all states in one file
-v gives version number
-h give this help on screen