Convert Madymo kin3-resultfiles into d3plot file.

This program converts the Madymo KIN3 result file (ASCII) into a binary d3plot. The advantage of the binary d3plot file is that it is possible to display the result in LS-PREPOST. Also the reading of the binary file is much faster than reading KIN3-files in Animator. The d3plot file is usually smaller than the KIN3-file (depending on the model).

usage: kin2plot [options] KIN3-file[s]


-o <ext>
output file extension
(default: "kin3plot")
-list list additional geometry and state info
-quiet all output messages are suppressed
-ani resulting file can be read by Animator3 < V0.6.3
(file size increases ca 30%)
-split split result into seperate files per state
-nxe # refinement of a-direction of semi-ellipsoid
(negative value switches to linear distance)
(default: 5)
-nye # refinement of b/c-direction of quarter-ellipsoid
(default: 4)
-nxc # refinement of axial direction of cylinders
(default: 1)
-nyc # refinement of circumferential direction of cylinders
(default: 4)
-uc unit conversion (m-s-kg to mm-ms-kg)
-mirr x|y|z mirroring about …-axes
-version print version

% kin3plot -l *.KIN3